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Dr. Rebecca Fiebrink

Reader in Creative Computing.
UAL Creative Computing Institute
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Rebecca  Fiebrink


Dr Rebecca Fiebrink is a Reader at the UAL Creative Computing Institute, where she designs new ways for humans to interact with computers in creative practice. Fiebrink is the developer of the Wekinator, open-source software for real-time machine, and she is the creator of a MOOC titled “Machine Learning for Artists and Musicians.”

Much of her work is driven by a belief in the importance of inclusion, participation, and accessibility: she works frequently with human-centred and participatory design processes. Current and recent projects include creating new accessible technologies with people with disabilities, designing inclusive machine learning curricula and tools, and applying participatory design methodologies in the digital humanities.

Dr Fiebrink has worked with companies including Microsoft Research, Sun Microsystems Research Labs, Imagine Research, and Smule, and she previously taught at Princeton University and Goldsmiths University of London. She has performed with numerous musical ensembles as both an electronic and acoustic musician. She holds a PhD in Computer Science from Princeton University.