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New exhibition, Self Made Worlds, explores alternative realities

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Published date 04 October 2013
image for set design of Tamerlano by Richard Hudson 2001 in the exhibition Self Made Worlds

Set Design for Tamerlano, 2001, by Richard Hudson

Self Made Worlds, the new exhibition in Wimbledon Space at Wimbledon College of Art, explores the intimate connections between states of mind and human-scale places.

Artists and designers, including academic staff and alumni of Wimbledon College of Art, present tableaux, artificial environments and alternative realities constructed as either sculpture and models, or as subjects for photography, painting and animated film.

The exhibition is curated by Kim L Pace with artists and designers: Barnaby Barford, Kate Belton, Louise Bristow, Corin Hardy, Richard Hudson, Peter McKintosh, Kim L Pace, Nicholas Pace, Cathie Pilkington, Christopher Stevens, Russell Webb and Sarah Woodfine.

Contemporary art and contemporary design are shown here, alongside one another.  This not only challenges some of the hierarchical boundaries that have sometimes separated fields of creativity, but also highlights the shared values and commonalities in fields of creative activity. Each work creates an intimate space, tableau or environment, framed to bring to our attention certain details and larger issues.

The exhibition reflects the academic offer in Fine Art and Theatre & Screen at Wimbledon College of Art and the encouragement and celebration of experimentation across pathways and courses at the college.

Self Made Worlds runs at Wimbledon Space until 22 November.
Open Monday to Friday 10am-5pm

Image of Potter Pig, 2010, by Cathie Pilkington in the exhibition Self Made Worlds

Cathie Pilkington, Potter Pig, 2010


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