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Meet Hannah Horn, Head of Membership on the Enterprising Alumni Association

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Published date 13 September 2017

Hannah Horn graduated in BA (Hons) Fashion Illustration from London College of Fashion in 2010. Hannah has recently taken on the role of Head of Memberships on our newly formed Enterprising Alumni Association.

The Enterprising Alumni Association organises a programme of activities and events to keep you in contact with other creative leaders who have graduated from UAL. Our programme has been designed to help answer your questions and provide thought-provoking inspiration for each other’s creative business enterprise.

We caught up with Hannah to find out more about her future plans for the Association.

What made you want to take on the Head of Membership role in the Enterprising Alumni Association?

I took the role as I feel it’s important for graduates and alumni to maintain a cooperative network to aid collaboration and also support one another within the freelance industry.

Can you tell us a bit more about your role and what you hope to achieve?

As Head of Membership I hope to recruit new members to the Association by spreading the word about what we can offer. I want to build a strong membership base in order to create a tighter bond between the university and its alumni.

What is your vision for the newly launched Association as a whole?

I see it as a great opportunity to support graduates and alumni by serving as an example of how to progress through an often competitive and difficult industry.

It could be a place to share experiences and stories (both good and bad) with one another, a way to make collaboration possible and also an opportunity to utilise the university’s facilities along with the alumni wealth of experience.

You have had a very interesting career since graduating – can you talk us through your journey from graduation to where you are now?

Since leaving university, I have been carefully building a fine art career alongside a commercial one, all the while honing and perfecting my style. I have built up an impressive portfolio of clients in a variety of commercial industries.

Projects include a campaign for British Gas, designs for British and international skateboard brands, album artwork for Maggie Riley, Window art for Browns and most recently, illustrating The Explorer, the new book from award winning children’s author Katherine Rundell.

In terms of my fine art, I am currently represented by two successful and influential London galleries; The Northcote gallery in Clapham and Curious Duke in Shoreditch.

What has been the proudest moment of your career so far?

Despite what I have achieved since, my first solo show, a sell-out, was a special moment for me. It really gave me the belief that my work was relevant and that I could succeed in this tough industry.

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