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Chelsea Finals exhibition at Habitat Platform, Kings Road

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Published date 07 July 2014
Photograph by Amber Rowlands

Photograph by Amber Rowlands

Platform at Habitat King’s Road showcases a new summer exhibition featuring designs from the graduating class of Chelsea College of Arts. Curated by George Blacklock, Dean of Chelsea College of Arts, the exhibit will showcase final year designs from over 20 young London creatives across fields of textile design, interior & spatial design and graphic design communication.

“This show presents the highest achieving BA graduates in our Design subjects. These are the graduates who will make a difference in what I consider to be the most vital area of our futures – our capacity to generate wealth and to safeguard our social well-being,” comments Blacklock. “Design is vital to our culture because it represents our creative thinking applied to an issue or problem that needs solving. When we solve a problem well, it is because we have designed our way out of it.

Most bureaucratic bodies often grossly misunderstand this, be they government or our state institutions. A designed solution requires swiftness of thinking, innovative (often called left-field) thinking and the ability to understand how to apply it, in other words the ability to think differently,” continues Blacklock. “What you will see in this exhibition then are examples of different thinking made real into objects, materials or images. This is an outstanding skill – to manifest innovative thinking into material form. It’s what we teach and inculcate into our students at Chelsea, and it’s what we present to you in this new exhibition.”

The exhibition at Habitat Platform, Kings Road and will run from until Sunday 27 July 2014 and entry is free.

Opening Times:

Wednesday                       10am – 8pm

Thursday – Friday            10am – 6.30pm

Saturday                              9.30am -6.30pm

Sunday                                 11am – 5pm

View the exhibition website and check out Chelsea courses in design.