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Navigating change

Photo by Alys Tomlinson

We will equip our students to thrive in uncertain futures and navigate change by developing the following attributes:


The enthusiasm to seek out new perspectives, to create and build on existing knowledge.


Confidence in their abilities, and the ability to respond positively in various situations.


The willingness to adapt and remain motivated, overcome obstacles, and deal with ambiguity, uncertainty, and rejection.

Curriculum case studies

case studies below demonstrate different approaches to establishing, embedding and responding to the creative attributes within the curriculum.

Case study: exploratory experiences

Read how the MA Fashion Media Production course at LCF works to develop the future visionaries of the industry through a series of exploratory experiences.

Case study: embedding mentoring

Learn about the peer-to-peer student mentoring programme, Mentor Me, Mentor You, which encouraged LCF students to develop both as mentors and mentees to explore possibilities for co-creating opportunities.

Case study: exploring future creative careers

Investigating the way that creatives work in large organisations, the Exploring Future Creative Careers conference involved both student speakers and notable industry figures.

Case study: graduate consultancy projects

Read how a graduate consultancy project at Central Saint Martins developed concepts for the future of news and helped students develop the flexibility and confidence to work in different settings.

Graduate case studies

The case studies below draw on the graduate experience to understand transitions from higher education to professional life.

Case study: endlessly curious

The design duo behind Crispin Finn discuss creating a business from a shared passion and the importance of staying interested and curious.

Case study: developing a reflective practice

Find out why service designer Obie Campbell believes developing a reflective practice is vital for success in the creative industries.

Case study: connecting practices

Discover how MA Fine Art graduate Mike Ballard uses his graffiti art as the more commercial arm of his business while he develops as a fine artist.

Case study: pursuing multiple passions

Freelancer and Creative Enterprise Award winner Emma Denby talks about the support she was given by UAL, which enabled her to develop her career and resilience through pursuing her many interests.

Case study: juggling roles

The secret to running a successful creative business is about so much more than being a leader in your artistic field, says Argentinian filmmaker and designer Ana Diaz.

Case study: facing down fears

Graphic designer Anna Magombe discusses facing down her fears and pursuing a freelance career in design after graduating.

Pedagogic case studies

The case study below articulate and explore pedagogic resources and research to inform your practice and curriculum making.

Case study: learning for life

The Personal and Professional Development – Learning for Life publication, offers academic and teaching staff explanations and advice on engaging with personal and professional development in the creative arts.

Case study: student experience in industry projects

Explore a reflective questionnaire evaluating the student experience focused on how students and staff negotiate the various tensions inherent in setting up industry projects.