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Making things happen

Photo by Alys Tomlinson

We will support our students to practice and apply their learning in a variety of situations in the University, workplace and community. These experiences will enable our students to develop the following attributes:


The initiative, hard work and passion required to make things happen in society, in the community, and in the workplace.


The mindset that takes measured risks and perceives and creates opportunities, as well as the resourcefulness to pursue these opportunities in an ethical and sustainable way.


The ability to embrace rapid change and retain an open mind.


Curriculum case studies

The case studies below demonstrate different approaches to establishing, embedding and responding to the creative attributes within the curriculum.

Case study: engaging alumni

Read how students developed their confidence and networking skills by taking part in a project at Central Saint Martins, which also boosted student employability and alumni engagement.

Case study: exploring work experience

Learn how a two-day symposia and live art event gave students experience in all aspects of event production.

Case study: enterprise preparation

Read how CSM's BA Criticism, Communication and Curation course applies collaboration, negotiation and learning from the experience of others.

Case study: preparing for rapid change

Learn how the BA Film and Television course at LCC embeds learning for enterprise and employability within its content to prepare students for rapid industry change.

Graduate case studies

The case studies below draw on the graduate experience to understand transitions from Higher Education to professional life.

Case study: making opportunities

Read how artist and gallery manager/curator Alex Gough started exhibiting during his first 12 months of joining the BA Painting course at Camberwell.

Case study: maximising opportunities

Ceramics artist Joanna Mires talks self-promotion and making the most of the opportunities available at UAL.

Case study: combining commercial and creative

Find out how photojournalist Mary-Jane Maybury combines creative photojournalism with commercial photography practices in order to sustain career development

Case study: connecting with opportunities

By packing in new experiences, students can track down the many opportunities out there and learn skills far beyond those taught at university, says designer Zoe Tynan-Campbell.

Case study: building a design business

Dynamic design duo Lisa and Tida Finch discuss the value of internships, attending events and starting up a business.

Case study: being agile and thinking ahead

Staying light on your feet, keeping curious and thinking critically are the keys to success in a creative business, according to entrepreneur Stephanie McLaren-Neckles.

Pedagogic case study

The case study below articulates and explores pedagogic resources and research to inform your practice and curriculum making.

Case study: debates in enterprise and sustainability

Read about this 2013 debate series, which posed questions around the link between enterprise and sustainability and what we mean by a sustainable future for a creative economy.