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Climate Emergency: an interactive film

People giving speeches at event
People giving speeches at event
UAL Carnival of Crisis 2021 © Ana Blumenkron

UAL students and staff have come together to create an interactive film about the climate emergency. You can take part in an online watch session now.

Who we are

We're a group of UAL students and staff, and we’ve made this film for you.

What we want to do

We won’t overwhelm you with information. We will ask you questions, relate the emergency to creative practice, and give you tools for action too.

We hope the film gets you thinking, talking, creating and organising.

Book a watch party

To arrange a screening, contact

What does the film cover

The film is in 4 sections, each 10 minutes long with discussion breaks. We start with an overview of the emergency, rising temperatures and tipping points, then discuss the climate impact of colonialism, intersectionality and capitalism. Then we look at ways to tackle the problem, from political action to lifestyle changes.

If you struggle with images of climate and ecological chaos, think carefully before watching parts 1 and 2 and skip to parts 3 and 4 instead.

  • Section 1: The climate emergency
  • Section 2: The ecological emergency and climate justice
  • Section 3: What can we do as citizens
  • Section 4: What can we do as creators