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UAL’s response to the triggering of Article 50

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Published date 29 March 2017

The Prime Minister has now triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty which officially notified the EU of Britain’s intention to withdraw.

Whilst we may not have wanted Brexit, we are determined to ensure UAL continues to thrive as the diverse, inclusive organisation at which we are all proud to work and study.

Rooted in Britain, we value our place within the European cultural environment. We look outwards to the world and welcome others, believing that knowledge and scholarship are borderless. We will continue to stress the importance of creative education to policymakers and politicians as the Brexit negotiations continue over the next two years.

Creative education is one of Britain’s great exports: it makes us entrepreneurial and resilient. Our creativity will stand the UK and this university in good stead.

Above all, UAL is committed to its students and staff wherever they come from.