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In Conversation: online design talks with UAL, OCAD University and DesignTO

A beige/white woolen jumper with colourful splodges all over
  • Written byCommunications Team
  • Published date 07 October 2021
A beige/white woolen jumper with colourful splodges all over
Bridget Harvey, 'Jumper to Lend, Jumper to Mend#2', 2015. Woolen jumper, yarn

‘In Conversation’ is a series of online talks discussing design issues, research and creation from international perspectives, featuring designers from the UK and Canada. Hosted by DesignTO and in partnership with UAL and OCAD University (OCAD U), this is the second year of the series.

The ongoing collaboration between UAL and OCAD comes out of a dialogue between the 2 universities, working on common areas of interest such as decolonisation and sustainability. Joining UAL and OCAD to present 'In Conversation', DesignTO is a Toronto-based non-profit arts organization that produces Canada's leading and largest annual design festival, showcasing multidisciplinary ways of making and thinking.

Upcoming talk

26 September 2022, 12-1 PM (BST)
Body, Labour & Land in Contemporary Craft

This panel talk on contemporary craft brings together textile artist and educator Caryn Simonson, Mi'kmaq/Settler artist and educator Julia Rose Sutherland, and Yonsei artist and weaver Molly JF Caldwell. Together they explore the properties of materials both natural and synthetic, textiles as metaphors for community and body, labour as an act of repair and redemption, and craft practice as an act of resistance and invention.

This event is hosted by DesignTO. Register on Eventbrite.

Watch past talks

Nehal El-Hadi and Bridget Harvey

Writer, editor and researcher Nehal El-Hadi and artist, maker in conversation with Acting Course Leader for MA Designer Maker at Camberwell College of Arts, UAL Bridget Harvey.

In Conversation: Nehal El-Hadi and Bridget Harvey

Non-Sighted Modes of Beholding Art

In this panel talk on non-sighted modes of beholding art, Dr. Kenneth Wilder and Dr. Aaron McPeake question how a shift in experience afforded by hybrid forms of contemporary art can open new engagements for the partially sighted and blind community, a community which Aaron and Ontario-based artist Olivia Brouwer are a part of. Inclusive designer Nikkie To also joined the conversation.

Aberrant Architecture and Michael Lee Poy

Our 6th ‘In Conversation’ series event features David Chambers and Kevin Haley, founders of Aberrant Architecture and former Spatial Practices tutors at UAL's Central Saint Martins; and artist-activist and architect Michael Lee Poy. David, Kevin and Michael will discuss how they weave colour, humour, play and participation into their multidisciplinary approaches to architecture, installations, festivals and public space.

Dr Nabil El-Nayal and Philip Sparks

Dr Nabil El-Nayal, founder, Nabil Nayal; Course Leader, MA Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear, London College of Fashion, UAL in conversation with Philip Sparks, founder, Philip Sparks; Master of Design, OCAD U; Professor, School of Fashion, Seneca College

In Conversation: Nabil El-Nayal and Philip Sparks

Dr Danah Abdullah and Maya Mahgoup-Desai

Dr Danah Abdullah Programme Director, Graphic Design at Camberwell, Chelsea, Wimbledon Colleges, UAL and Creative Director and Editor of Kalimat Magazine in conversation with Maya Mahgoub-Desai - Associate Professor and Chair of Environmental Design, OCAD U

In Conversation: Danah Abdulla and Maya Mahgoub-Desai

Victoria Kamila and Will Selviz

UAL alumna, writer and 3D artist Victoria Kamila in conversation with Will Selviz - student, Bachelor of Design in Digital Futures, OCAD U

In Conversation: Victoria Kamila and Will Selviz

Georgina Voss and Monica Virtue

Georgina Voss - Co-founder and lead of Supra Systems Studio; Associate Professor, Design School, London College of Communication, UAL in conversation with Monica Virtue - researcher and filmmaker, Master of Design in Digital Futures, OCAD

In Conversation: Georgina Voss and Monica Virtue