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Cities as living organisms: T-Factor event and plans for Euston

T-Factor Consortium
  • Written byTash Payne
  • Published date10 November 2021
T-Factor Consortium
T-Factor Consortium image

Join us for an event exploring Cities as living organisms on Monday 15 November, 1 – 3pm. The event will feature practitioners from London, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Milan discussing the shifting relationship between nature and urban transformation. Presented by T-Factor, a Horizon 2020 Innovation Action focused on transforming “meanwhile spaces” – areas of cities that are temporarily vacant while awaiting development – through creativity and collaboration.

The online event will explore the London-based community of practice’s plans for the Euston regeneration area. Audiences will hear from practitioners in the four represented cities about the approaches, challenges and learnings from their local projects. There will be Q&A sessions and opportunities for open discussion.

The pilot in Euston is one of T-Factor’s largest and longest projects. The implementation of the new development is expected to take at least 20 years, making the relationship with the community a key aspect. With a densely populated area covering 24Ha, involving one of the country’s main land transport hubs, this pilot is extremely complex. Launching in November with a series of projects focused on issues of local concern and responses to them, T Factor aims to support community-led projects that prototype participatory futures.

Latest report published

A report into T-Factor’s urban regeneration pilots in London, Kaunas, Milan, Lisbon and Bilbao has just been published (PDF, 12.9MB). The report outlines the “masterplan vision” and local context for each city. The Pilots are historical urban areas characterised by different degrees of abandonment and decay in past decades. They are now in the early stages of regeneration that will transform them into cultural and creative hubs. T-Factor’s intervention will turn the waiting time for regeneration into a transformative time which benefits local communities.

T-Factor targets early-stage regenerations in cities across the world. UAL is contributing to the London pilot by applying expertise in co-design, creative public engagement, and place-making in London's Euston regeneration area.

Book your place for the event and find out more about T-Factor.