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Through The Lens: UAL partners with Design Museum as Stanley Kubrick exhibition opens

Written by Anna Tsekouras
Published date 24 April 2019

Stanley Kubrick, one of the greatest filmmakers of the 20th century is celebrated at the Design Museum from 26 April – 15 September 2019. UAL, the museum’s official academic partner, powers the exhibition through the loaning of materials on display from its Stanley Kubrick Archive held at the Archives and Special Collections Centre at London College of Communication, UAL.

Featuring more than 600 objects, projections and interviews, the exhibition showcases the iconic work of Stanley Kubrick through original designs, models and props. With Visitors can see costumes, scripts and shooting schedules from all his films including: 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), A Clockwork Orange (1971), Barry Lyndon (1975) and The Shining (1980) and Eyes Wide Shut (1999). His early career as a photographer is also represented.

The internationally acclaimed touring exhibition that has travelled across the globe from Copenhagen, to Seoul, Toronto to San Franciso and Melbourne, to Mexico City, amongst others - finally lands in Britain – Kubrick’s home and workplace for the last 40 years.

Here for the first time in the exhibition’s 15-year run, London marks a milestone location to honour the 20th anniversary of the death of the seminal director.

Challenging issues of the human condition; Kubrick broke boundaries; valued authenticity and crafted timeless works described as nothing short of ‘genius’ by critics, industry and audiences throughout the ages.

Driven to continue to inspire the next generation of creatives - UAL will be running expert-led workshops, panel discussions, talks and tours and a research symposium inspired by the themes of the visionary director, throughout the exhibition season.

This will invite audiences to see Kubrick’s films in a new light – through the lens of art, design, fashion, communication, media and performing arts – all the major disciplines taught at UAL, linking to its world-renowned research, teaching and knowledge exchange.

The Stanley Kubrick Archive at London College of Communication, UAL

Stanley Kubrick’s ability to create complete worlds with each if his films can be explored through the Stanley Kubrick Archive, established at UAL in 2007. It gives an unparalleled insight into all aspects of Stanley Kubrick’s film-making processes and inspires future generations of filmmakers and researchers.

The archive spans Kubrick’s entire career, from his photography for Look magazine to his unfinished film Aryan Papers. It includes scripts, treatments, location and costume research, editing notes, props, costumes, set designs, sound tapes and records advertising development and poster designs.

It also include very personalised, detailed handwritten notes from Kubrick himself -showcasing his relentless dedication to his work and how involved Kubrick was in every aspect of making the films. There is also material about his unfinished projects, especially AI: Artificial Intelligence and Aryan Papers. There are even records created posthumously including DVD and video re-releases, documentaries and books about Kubrick and his work.

On acquiring the Stanley Kubrick Archive, Sarah Mahurter, University Archives and Special Collections Centre Manager said:

“Through existing relationships between UAL staff and the Kubrick family, it became clear that the family were looking to place the archive in a UK home, where it would become a legacy of Kubrick’s work and carry out his aspiration to encourage future film makers in all aspects of this art. This matched UAL's values and aspiration to teach across all the creative disciplines, across all of its six colleges. So the Stanley Kubrick Archive was given to UAL, based at the Archives and Special Collections Centre at London College of Communication, where it has always had a close association with the Media and Screen courses.”

The breadth of material available in the archive means that students from many disciplines and courses at all of UAL’s colleges use the archive in their research and practice. Students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level respond to the archive in many different forms, and the archive offers both a unique research resource and a source of artistic inspiration.

The Stanley Kubrick Archive in Numbers

1 archive – run by: 1 Archives manager; 1 dedicated Stanley Kubrick Archivist, 2 Assistant Archivists and 1 Archives Assistant

Items on loan to the Design Museum: 865

Twice the height of the Shard: At 800 linear metres, the Stanley Kubrick archive would be more than twice the height of the Shard if everything was laid end to end.

Make an appointment to visit the Archives and Special Collection Centre at the London College of Communication, UAL.