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How to get Donald Trump’s quiff in 7 steps

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Published date 08 November 2016


Tried to perfect Trump’s tresses and failed? Look no further than Donald Trump’s (lookalike) hairstylist.

UAL graduate, Kamilia Anna Harchi beat 20 other artists and was hand selected by renowned artist, Alison Jackson to create the unruly wig that starred in the famed spoof-campaign-rally-at Trump Towers last month. Jackson told Daily Mail Online that the process of recreating Trump’s look had been “a nightmare” and admitted “going through 20 hairstylists” before settling on Kamilia – whose wig and prosthetic skills were perfected while studying a BA in Hair and Make-Up from London College of Fashion and an MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts.

“Alison was preparing for a guerrilla show in New York staging a Donald Trump rally at Trump Towers,” said Kamilia. “She needed a realistic Donald Trump wig for the lookalike and hadn’t found anyone who could get it just right. I spent two weeks at her apartment in Chelsea studying real Donald’s Trump hair and made her a bespoke wig she then flew to New York for the rally. It was super stressful, but it was amazing to work so closely with Alison.”

Here, Kamilia uncovers the secrets beneath the bouffant.

1. First, I stuff a malleable wig block with Donald Trump’s lookalike head measurements – to make sure that the wig fits!

2. I source the right wig to mimic Trump’s hair – it will need to be cut, styled and dyed.

3. I give it a basic cut to add shape and initial styling.

4. Figuring out that famous quiff…


5. My work table starts to look like a battlefield!


6. Breakthrough. I’m high on hairspray and delirious after staring at pictures of Trump all day.


7. The finished look on deadline day!


8. Photos from Mail Online: New York Trump Towers, 25 October, 1 pm