Maison/0 is an incubator of sustainable intelligence designed to provoke practices and challenge our collective futures.

Set up as part of the CSM LVMH partnership launched in May 2017, Maison/0 provides a platform to develop innovative sustainable projects across Central Saint Martins and LVMH. Leading the initiative in both local and global contexts, Professor Carole Collet is the inaugural CSM LVMH Director of Sustainable Innovation.

Maison/0 activities include:

  • Industry collaborations and student projects
  • Sustainable Innovation Mapping workshops
  • Masterclasses to revisit traditional craft techniques via an ecological lens
  • A series of symposiums titled The Other Way, that will examine creative-led innovative approaches to sustainability
  • Field trips
  • Research and development and contract research projects
  • Annual degree show ‘green trail’
  • Exhibitions

Maison/0 on Instagram

  • 'Special Mention for Provocation'. Maison/0 Green Trail 2018: Matilda Soderberg, BA Fashion Design Womenswear #Maison0GreenTrail @csm_news @lvmh @bafcsm
  • 'Special Mention for Provocation' for Maison/0 Green Trail 2018: Lydia Hartshorn, BA Jewellery Design #Maison0GreenTrail @csm_news @lvmh
  • Highly Commended for Maison/0 Green Trail 2018: Chloe Winstanley, BA Fashion Communication and Promotion #Maison0GreenTrail @csm_news @lvmh @bafcsm
  • Highly Commended for Maison/0 Green Trail 2018: Chihiro Oka, BA Fashion Design Womenswear #Maison0GreenTrail @csm_news @lvmh @bafcsm
  • Highly Commended for Maison/0 Green Trail 2018: Andrea Liu, BA Textile Design (Weave pathway)#Maison0GreenTrail @csm_news @lvmh @csm_ba_textile_design
  • Highly Commended for Maison/0 Green Trail 2018: Paolina Alexandra Russo. BA Fashion Design with Knitwear #Maison0GreenTrail @csm_news @lvmh @bafcsm
  • Winner, Maison/0 Green Trail 2018: Amar Sall. Project Marina-Ville. A master plan to regenerate Canvey Island from both a social and environmental perspective. #Maison0GreenTrail @csm_news @lvmh
  • Winner, Maison/0 Green Trail 2018: Alisa Ruzavina. BA Fashion:Fashion Print. Project Love Bomb. A collection using only organic textile materials and sustainable printing ink. #Maison0GreenTrail @csm_news @lvmh @bafcsm
  • Winner, Maison/0 Green Trail 2018: Jen Keane. project: This is Grown. MA Material Futures. Rethinking future textile manufacturing with an organism-driven material design approach #Maison0GreenTrail @csm_news @materialfutures @lvmh
  • Winner, Maison/0 Green Trail 2018: Yaohan Gu, BA Product Design. Project Wheels 4 U, a low-cost children wheelchair which reuses discarded unwanted bicycles and local materials. Focused on giving access to disabled children in rural China, this project is easily transferable to other geographies. A socially-minded design service that can make a big difference to the life of thousands. #Maison0GreenTrail @csm_news @lvmh
  • Winner, Maison/0 Green Trail 2018: Matilda Mozzanega, BA Jewellery Design. Upcycled industrial cardboard tubing used to mimic wood and stone. a brilliant use of an everyday waste material turned into an exquisite jewellery collection #Maison0GreenTrail @csm_news @lvmh
  • For the first time @csm_news , degree show two features a Green Trail... follow the label to see some of the highlights in sustainable innovation at Central Saint Martins... 43 projects nominated. 5 winners to be announced 20 th of June 1 pm. #Maison0GreenTrail
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  • Great programme starting in arnhem. Fashion needs to redefine its value system. #restartfashion
  • Great conversation this morning as part of #cdw2018 disegno breakfast talk at steelcase ... I really think we need to focus less on what is new, and think more about what is 'better' if we want to transition to a more sustainable industry @franklintill @csm_news @steelcase @disegnodaily
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