Radical fashion and ethical fashion: one problem different approaches.
All videos by Adam Willis and Harry Adams.

A workshop with Shibboleth Shechter on how to make your project more sustainable

Prof. Rob Kesseler guides hands-on investigation of all things living through a microscope 

Spatial Practices Making Week

Diana Simpson Hernandez from Trash Surface Bureau delivers a PCID designer profile lecture

Experiments in mending, customising and fixing. A workshop with Bridget Harvey

Product designers apply the rules of chindogu to create 'un-useless solutions' to unsustainability

Fixing our relationship with technology with the Restart team

FAD foundations students investigate sustainable designs for products sold at affordable prices 

Sustainability is the biggest global challenge society faces today because it means rethinking everything we do.

Central Saint Martins recognises the necessity of this challenge. We engage with the creative opportunity it offers. This extends from our behaviour in the buildings and spaces we occupy, to our teaching, learning and research.

Art, design and performance can break down barriers with unexpected solutions. We use this power to recognise unsustainable practices in our associated industries and professions. In doing so we equip our graduates with the knowledge and confidence to transform their chosen fields.

Our approach acknowledges the intersection of environment, society and the economy. Through CSM Public we look outwards. We apply the creativity of our staff and students to societal issues. We collaborate with a range of private, public and not-for-profit organisations.

Sustainability at Central Saint Martins is a work in progress. We are evolving our creative practices to build sustainable futures. This includes our annual Green Week showcase, our probing debates and our use of new materials. We are also developing new product ecosystems and business models, and are committed to community, awareness and activism.

See the gallery below for a sample of our projects, initiatives and collaborations.