Adele Biraghi — BA (Hons) Film Practice

Image: Still from the film Fish & Chips in which Adele Biraghi was the set designer.
Still from the film Fish&Chips. Adele Biraghi was the set designer.

BA (Hons) Film Practice student Adele Biraghi tells us about her time and projects she worked on at LCC.

How would you describe your practice (e.g. are you a photographer, designer, illustrator etc)?

I have been training to become a filmmaker with a focus on the practices of Directing and Production Design.

Where are you from in the world? 

Milano, Italy.

Why did you choose to study this course and why LCC?

BA Film Practice at LCC is renowned as one of the top 10 hands-on film courses in the UK. I also felt the need to attend an English-taught university to master the language.

What was your first impression of LCC when you joined?

At first I felt a slight lack of sense of community due to the size of UAL, however, LCC facilities are very modern. There are also many opportunities and services available within the College including extra curricular events and social awareness conferences. I felt proud to be part of this all.

Image: a film set which Adele Biraghi worked on
A film set Adele Biraghi worked on

And what’s your favourite thing about LCC now?

As a film student I had access to amazing facilities and equipment including, a fully functioning studio, cinema rooms, professional editing suites, a fantastic library, colour grading suites, sound mixing suites, a kit room equipped with state of the art lighting and camera kits for rent. In my view, this was an essential and irreplaceable resource.

What important piece of advice would you give to students thinking of studying this course?

If you're prepared for hard work and to take responsibility for your own development, this course is a good choice. The course structure is like no other. It has the potential to transform any student into a versatile and creative industry professional.

Image: a still from the film Fish&Chips in which Adele Biraghi was the Set Designer
A still from the film Fish&Chips in which Adele Biraghi was the Set Designer

Where are you working at the moment and what are some recent interesting projects you’ve worked on?

I am about to graduate so I'm working on my final project and dissertation. Occasionally, I'm also getting jobs as a production designer on low budget productions.

In the past three years I have had the chance to write, direct, assist and generally work on a wide variety of films. This included working on shorts, features, music videos and commercials.

One of the latest projects I've been involved in features a shadow as the protagonist. The story is a metaphor for experiencing depression and other mental health disorders.

Could you describe your style or what you try to achieve with your work?

I believe in cinema as a thought-provoking medium. Cinema's strength lies in its visual language. I aim to create films which entertain or move the audience as well as convey a reflection or social truth.

I enjoy playing with fantasy and science fiction genres. I have quite a dark style inspired by authors like Tim Burton, Christopher Nolan, Charlie Brooker or Dennis Kelly.

Name three things you couldn't be creative without:

Freedom, target and limitations.

How have you found living in London, and where’s your favourite place to explore?

Living in London has been exciting and scary at the same time. The multiple cultural and leisure opportunities at times are shadowed by the sense of alienation and misunderstanding that are widely sensed by students of my generation.
I feel I have matured a lot in this city. I particularly enjoy the joyful crowds of Borough Market, the many food stands from each country and its architecture.

What are you hoping to achieve after you graduate?

I am hoping to be able to be hired as a professional on a regular basis. I would also like to complete an MA course and make a living out of my passion for many years to come.


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