Shanice Palmer

Shanice Palmer is a Fashion Design and Technology Menswear student at LCF. Here she tells us about what life at LCF is like, and how she benefitted from a unique scholarship.

Could you introduce yourself… What are you studying at LCF?

My name is Shanice Palmer and I am currently studying Fashion Design and Technology Menswear at LCF.

Why did you choose to study this at LCF?

I chose to study at LCF because the course was really tailored to what I wanted to learn when I came into Menswear and Design.

How did you find out about the scholarships at LCF?

I found out about the Nicholas Samuels Celebratory Scholarship through my course leader who I got in touch with via email, a year before the course had started.

How did you go about applying for it – what was the process like?

I applied firstly by stating what I could benefit from if I had the scholarship. I listed things like the financial help towards the cost of living in London, material costs and financial flexibility to explore and work with more complicated design processes.

If it wasn’t for my scholarship… I would have not been able to dedicate the full time needed for my studies – I would have spent more time working in my part-time job. Also with university fees rising, I was slightly weary about going to study at university but the financial support was definitely a push in the right direction. Without it I may have dropped out of LCF.

What advice would you give to a prospective student who wants to apply for a scholarship?

Look on the LCF website and see what financial help is available to you as a prospective student and definitely apply! You may feel like you won’t get it, but if you apply what’s the worst that can happen?

Do you find London inspiring?

Living in London is definitely exciting – it’s vibrant and there is so much to do in the day and night you can never be bored. It’s a great city to constantly stay inspired and there are so many great people to meet.

Tell us about an average day at university?

An average day at LCF is hard work but exciting! Design class usually starts with an overview of your peers’ and your own work, sharing ideas and what you plan to do in the following week’s in design class. It is usually followed by a technical pattern cutting class and when that’s finished the rest of my day will either be spent in the design studios, libraries or in Starbucks!

What are your ambitions for the future?

After my studies I would like to work for a menswear fashion design company where I can have the chance to show and practice my talents. I would also like to do freelance work, and collaborate with different individuals to create amazing work.