David Levine

David Levine is a professional photographer working in the Fashion, Music, Hair & Beauty industry.

After leaving his job as an assistant photographer in 1979, David fast gained a reputation for his Beauty work.  Working with some of London's top hairdressers including, Andrew Collinge, Trevor Sorbie, Michealjohn and Vidal Sassoon. Applying his Beauty techniques to his Music work, David worked with many of the 80’s top musicians including The Cure, ABC, Boy George and Kylie Minogue, to name a few.  His lighting and style are his signature, and have been much copied.

David's work has been exhibited at The National Portrait Gallery, the Tom Blau Gallery, and the Hamilton’s Gallery in Mayfair and his work has been published in music publications world wide. British Vogue featured his work in the mid 80’s.

David was one of the first fully digital photographers working in London by the end of 2000, and within 5 years he had shot is final roll of film. His early grasp of this new medium led to other well known photographers seeking his help in teaching them how to use and understand digital photography. David has recently launched his first book - David Levine Exposed 1977-1987. Always keen to embrace new technology and media, he chose to publish as an iBook via iTunes.

In a recent interview David referred to photography as being a state of mind not a job.