Millinery Courses

  • *NEW* Starting Your Own Millinery Business

    This 3 day course examines what it takes to set up your own Millinery Business, run by an experienced Milliner who has done just that

  • *NEW* Mastering Millinery

    This comprehensive millinery course offers you a unique opportunity to learn and develop all aspects of hat making through set practical projects and workshops

  • Introduction to Millinery

    Learn the technical skills for blocking and shaping straw and felt hats

  • Millinery 2

    A follow-on from 'Introduction to millinery,' this millinery course developes your millinery knowledge a stage further

  • Millinery Summer School

    Two week intensive millinery course course has been designed to cover all the key elements of 'Introduction to Millinery' and 'Millinery 2'

  • Millinery Block Making

    This millinery course will provide you with an introduction to designing and making millinery blocks

  • Vintage Millinery

    This vintage millinery course covers the study of hat styles and trimmings from the 1920 to 1950s