Self Promotion For Creatives (Online)

Online courses occur as 1.5 hour live sessions, during which time you will interact with your tutor, classmates and course content using in-built audio and video chat, instant messaging and the virtual work display area.

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This popular online course is essential for anyone who desires to make a living from art, design, photography, image-making, or other creative activities. It focuses on vital marketing, promotional and presentation skills, in person, in print and online...

Taught by: Jennifer Williams-Baffoe.


This popular online course is essential for anyone who desires to make a living from art, design, photography, image-making, or other creative activities. It focuses on vital marketing, promotional and presentation skills, in person, in print and online. To guarantee success as a creative practitioner or business you have to network, keep in touch with trends, build your profile, write statements, pen marketing copy, social media content, and generate imaginative publicity for your venture.

You also have to present a selection of visual, moving image, audio, and written materials for editorial and digital media use. Another important skill is constructing and presenting proposals to gain commissions, contracts, or crowdfunding. Practical assignments will improve confidence in presenting yourself or projects and ideas to investors, sponsors, or audiences.

Course Schedule
(8 live sessions online: 1.5 hours per session)

Session 1
In this session we will explore the first steps to networking in the arts and design sectors; including how to network, getting it right, the importance of professional bodies, online showcasing and social media.

Session 2
The aim of this class is to discover more about the art of self promotion covering a wide range of topics from printed marketing materials such as business cards and leaflets, CVs, biogs, photographs and gaining editorial coverage.

Session 3
During this workshop you will understand more about how to write a unique selling point or tag line, a personal profile, marketing/copy prose and take steps towards developing a professional artist or designer's statement about your 'creative strategies'.

Session 4
In this class we will explore the important subject of market research and future trends. This will help you to think more clearly about what you are doing and who your clients, buyers, commissioners, collectors, patrons, or customers are.

Session 5
After this talk you will know how to plan and manage a marketing campaign in the media for an exhibition, fair, product or business launch, new collection or show. We will also explore what sponsorship is and how to write a proposal or letter to a potential sponsor.

Session 6
The objective of this talk is to raise your awareness of Intellectual Property Law and the importance of protecting your brand in the market place. We will cover the key business name regulations which apply to anyone who lives in the UK, thus enabling you to trade legally.

Session 7
This seminar is all about attracting media, audience and gaining the attention of a potential client by creative marketing and devising imaginative publicity stunts.

Session 8
The final session provides an overview of presentation skills, understanding the mind of the client and how to sell.

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What past students are saying about this course:

'Having just completed 'Self-Promotion for Creatives Online'  I'm brimming with ideas which I have captured in a marketing plan designed to  spring board my career as a a professional artist.'- Martyn C.

'Self-promotion for Creatives Online' has given me the  confidence I needed to go forward and finally establish my  own company. I recommend this course to all ambitious artists and designers  who feel they need to be set in the right direction.'- Layal C.

'Self-Promotion for Creatives Online' is an excellent  course that gives a valuable insight to the business side of a creative  profession and offers good ideas on how to promote yourself. Alison Branagan  is very helpful in answering questions and giving feedback. The course is  keeping me motivated, as well as helping me reflect on my future direction.  Overall a very useful course and highly recommended!'- Zhi Ling  L.

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Please note: This course is for students aged 18 and older

Tutor information

Jennifer Williams-Baffoe is an international fashion and creative industry business consultant and has worked for many organisations such as The Fashion and Textiles Museum, The British Fashion Council and The British Apparel and Textile Confederation. Jennifer is a short course tutor at Central Saint Martins and The London College of Fashion and is the author of The British Fashion Councils Designer Manufacturer Handbook. Jennifer is also a consultant for the United Nations on their Ethical Fashion Initiative Project


You will need for the first class:

  • A copy of Alison's book (optional, but strongly recommended 'The Essential Guide to Business for Artists and Designers' Revised and Updated).

For the first session please make sure you have a pen and a notepad to hand.

Details for booking

DateDay of WeekTimeDurationCostStatusLocationAction
15/06/2017 - 06/07/2017Thursday18:30 - 20:004 Weeks£350Available Online Add to Basket
07/08/2017 - 04/09/2017Monday13:00 - 14:304 Weeks£350Available Online Add to Basket
11/10/2017 - 01/11/2017Wednesday17:00 - 18:304 Weeks£350Available Online Add to Basket
22/01/2018 - 12/02/2018Monday18:30 - 20:004 Weeks£350Available Online Add to Basket
22/03/2018 - 12/04/2018Thursday18:30 - 20:004 Weeks£350Available Online Add to Basket