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RAS Research Programme

The Retain, Achieve, Succeed Research Programme (RAS) is a UAL research initiative set up in 2010. It supports small-scale, staff research studies and activities with the intention of increasing knowledge around issues of diversity, inclusion and attainment at UAL and beyond. The programme was led by Dr Kate Hatton as Head of Inclusive Education Programmes at UAL.

The institution and the arts curriculum (in its different subject areas) are the focus of the research, rather than the student body as such. RAS began with 6 staff research proposals and now encompasses 30 studies and a number of publications.

RAS researchers are contributing to putting the University's Strategic Plan 2015-22 into practice by helping to 'place diversity and inclusion at the heart' of education at UAL. Their findings and recommendations are already having an impact on the curriculum, particularly in the researchers own specialist areas.

RAS is now focused upon consolidating, extending and publicising the research more widely. The aim is to facilitate existing good practice and to encourage new interventions. RAS will also continue to provide a forum for an inter-disciplinary, intersectional dialogue about diversity and inclusion in the Higher Educational arts sector.


2015 RAS Project Outline (PDF 196KB)
2015 RAS Project Proposal Form (PDF 208KB)
2015 RAS Proposal Introduction (PDF 53KB)

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