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Academic Career Pathways

Our staff development programme can help you focus your skills and grow your academic career.

As a member of our academic staff you will be on one of 3 pathways: TeachingKnowledge Exchange or Research. By framing personal development across these pathways, we can ensure we strive for excellence within all 3 areas as a university.

We recognise staff equally who focus on Teaching, Knowledge Exchange or Research as all are vital to the student experience. All pathways have core duties which include: teaching, curriculum development, academic administration, assessment, scholarly activity and practice.

All pathways provide a clear progression through to Reader and Professor posts.

Placement on a pathway is individual and will reflect the focus you have in your career. You will discuss with your line manager which pathway may be right for you in the first instance but it is possible to change pathways and personal development is offered to help you do that. If you are new to UAL, you will be placed on a pathway as you come to the end of your probation period.

Which pathway might be right for me?

Teaching - if you are keen to establish yourself as both an excellent teacher and a leader in the development of pedagogic work.

Knowledge Exchange - if your emphasis is on developing networks and connections across industry, government, community and students.

Research - if you are already producing high quality REF-able research outputs and want to integrate your research into our teaching offer.

If you’re considering an academic career here at UAL, take a look at the Academic Career Pathways Criteria (PDF 242KB) to see which one works for you.

Dr Mark Ingham | Teaching Oriented Pathway

“The Teaching Oriented Pathway allows for recognition of teaching and makes it as important as it should be in higher education. It also allows me to still be a researcher and an exchanger of knowledge.”

See the full profile - Mark Ingham Teaching Oriented Profile (PDF 85KB)‌

Kelly Dearsley | Knowledge Exchange Oriented Pathway

“Knowledge Exchange offers opportunities for students, academic staff and industry partners to come together to explore pertinent questions in fashion communications in a way that is both inspiring and rewarding.”

See the full profile - Kelly Dearsley Knowledge Exchange Oriented Profile (PDF 126KB)‌

Mick Finch | Research Oriented Pathway

“To me, research on this pathway is about addressing key questions, identifying contacts and collaborations toward the production of a sustainable context of research for the future.”

See the full profile - Mick Finch Research Oriented Profile (PDF 120KB)‌