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UAL Research Season 2020 Launch Event 'Here For Life' Screening & Panel

Event date
3 February 2020 (6.30pm to 8.30pm)
UAL Research Season 2020 Launch Event 'Here For Life' Screening & Panel


*bbfc rating '15': very strong language. Suitable only for persons of 15 years and over

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UAL's Dean of Research Professor Oriana Baddeley invites you to UAL's Research Season 2020 Launch event: CSM's Dr Andrea Luka Zimmerman and Co-Director Adrian Jackson will screen their recently released film 'Here For Life'.

Followed by a panel discussion with Professor Pratap Rughani UAL (Chair), Dr Andrea Luka Zimmerman UAL, Fred Meller UAL, Adrian Jackson (Co-Director) Therese Henningsen (Co-Deviser), Errol McGlashan (Performer) & Mwiinga Twyman (Performer)

Here For Life, Produced by Artangel, An uncommon story told on common ground: Londoners now with their love and their loss, their lyrical lives and marginalised grace; between fiction and fact, attention and act, what does it cost to exist? We are all Here for Life, here for now. 


Speaker Biographies:

Therese Henningsen 

is an artist and filmmaker. She is the Associate Director of Here for Life (2019) and has worked closely Andrea Luka Zimmerman on Erase and Forget (2017) and Estate - A Reverie (2015). She holds an in MA Visual Anthropology from Goldsmiths University of London and is currently working on a practice-led PhD in Media Arts at Royal Holloway University of London. She is a member of the film collectives Sharna Pax and Terrassen.

Adrian Jackson MBE

is a theatre maker, playwright, teacher, translator and one of the world’s leading experts on the Theatre of the Oppressed. In 1991, he founded Cardboard Citizens, a theatre project that aims to change the lives of homeless people through the performing arts. He has directed over 50 plays with Cardboard Citizens, including Pericles (2003) and timon (2006) with the Royal Shakespeare Company, The Beggar’s Opera (1999) with the English National Opera, Mincemeat (2009), winner of the Evening Standard Theatre Award and A Few Man Fridays (2012). More recently, he directed Cathy, by Ali Taylor (2016/17), and, with Caitlin Mcleod, Home Truths, an Incomplete History of Housing Told in Nine Plays (2017).

Errol McGlashan

hails from Brixton, South London, (Uncle) Errol McGlashan, a live wire multiple slam-winning Spoken Word Artist, has been ripping up stages across London since 2011 with his rhythmical poetic verses. He held a lead acting role in ‘Here for Life’ (2019). He has dabbled in plenty of acting on stage, screen and community theatre settings a sought after host, workshop facilitator and event organiser, he is also the creator of Word On The Kerb (a mobile Open Mic, providing a platform at busy public places for spontaneous creative expressions from random members of the public). Now with plans to have a book of his self penned poems published as well as stage a play written specially for Forum Theatre he is currently in the process of GSD.

Fred Meller

is Director for the Performance Programme at UAL Central Saint Martins and a researcher, scenographer, theatre and performance designer. Her research and practice is located in the process of disruption through design in contemporary performance making.

Dr Pratap Rughani

is Professor of Documentary Practices at UAL London College of Communication, University of the Arts London and Director of Lotus Films. His work ranges from broadcast to NGO contexts. Several of his films conceive documentary as a crucible, connecting people of radically different perspectives, cultures and politics.

Mwiinga Twyman

is an actress and held a lead acting role in ‘Here for Life’ (2019).

Dr Andrea Luka Zimmerman's

work is concerned with marginalisation, co-existence, waywardness, social justice and structural violence. Research interests are co-existence (including non-human subjectivities), filmmaking as engaged social and political practice, participatory re-enactment, military/spectacular relations, imaginative hybridity and narrative de-framing in documentary practice, forms of reverie, class and culture, place and senses of belonging. Dr Zimmerman is UAL Reader and Lecturer in Dramaturgy and Devising For Performance BA (Honours).


Haven't seen anything like it. The underworld. The world. The space that none of us see but that is ever there. With us. Besideus. In us even. IN us all even.

- Lemn Sissay, writer and broadcaster

This is not mere represenat tion: the cast of Here for Life present themselves as creative forces: they sing, they cook together, they perform poetry, they care for one another. Zimmerman and Jackson's fantastical and at times stagey methodology accesses something deep and complex, suggesting the potential of collaborative acts of creation as part of an unfolding process.

-Hettie Judah, Art Monthly

It was like glimpsing into a wonderful shabby heaven where forgiveness was always more possible than permission.

- Tony Grisoni, writer

A folk tale, a thing of indeterminate, multiple belonging. In the film, a poetics and a politics of the common is palpable.

- Laura Staab, Another Gaze

A film of great compassion and political and aesthetic ambition, in which the idea of a collective is prioritized for a change, but without sacrificing or downplaying the individual voices and idiosyncrasies that it comprises.

-Kieron Corless, Sight & Sound

Here's to a film that is also a folk song: the experiences of the many, sung through a collective representative mouth. A song about attention and attending to and of a duty of care to a honeycomb sca ffold of limbs, senses and experiences and a hive mind that constitutes the thinking. Indeed, here's to a film that is cosmology: many bodies within one body; muddling the borders of inside and outside, you and me, him and her, them and us.

-Nellie LeFey, audience member

Gentrification and the shrinking of public space loom large (a figure pauses by the image of a high-end kitchen on the hoarding of a new development, miming sipping tea from the photo of a teacup). Bikes and their fates when left out on the street lead to an outright wink to Vittorio De Sica's Bicycle Thieves, Zimmerman and Jackson neatly tying a project that might have lived onstage or at a gallery into the history of cinema.

- Danny Leigh, Financial Times

These people are deeply embedded in my consciousness and I will not forget them.

- Tamzin Griffin, audience member

It's hard to forget the weathered faces of Here for Li fe. They may have been abandoned by progress, but never by art. In so many ways, the film becomes a mosaic of their experiences, producing the kind of raw, frayed vulnerability one might associate with the cinema of Claire Denis.

- Glenn Heath Jr, Little White Lies

I' ve become a little jaded towardsthe solipsism of artworks motivatedby politics, but yesterday evening was a lesson in how art can be the world it wishes to create, rather than just being a commentary/re flectionr/epresentationof its current state. Very humbling.

- Tom Ironmonger, audi ence member

Here for Life tore my heart open. It made me laugh and cry and feel like my stories matter too. It shows London I want to believe still exists, as it's inside many of us and I hope nothing can ever stop it.

-Agata Ballaun, audience member

Here for Life takes an unusual approach to storytelling. It is less a narrative than a montage, and it sometimes blurs the line between reality and fiction.

-James Woodall, The Economist

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