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9.00am - 5.00pm


Timeless Play: An Immersive Experience

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    The Tree House, Elephant Park, London SE17 1GD

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Join MA User Experience students as they look at preserving ancestral traditions through games.

Free and open to all - No booking required

We are MA User Experience students representing diverse cultural backgrounds such as China, India, and Malaysia. Recognising the gradual disappearance of traditions practiced by our ancestors, we are committed to address this issue by reviving and reintroducing these lost traditions through our design.

With the goal of highlighting the significance of upholding ancestral traditions, we designed a way to preserve tradition through games, using the presence of nature in our environment. We did this through an immersive experience displayed at the Elephant park.

There seems to be a gradual loss of culture and traditions through generations caused by the seemingly convenient new technologies and services. Many cultural and traditional games are lost or slowly being replaced by digital entertainment. This also means a loss of what those traditions games represent or meant (community building, togetherness etc.). Specifically, the next generation of children, with the growing industrialisation and urbanisation will completely alienate from these traditions and cultures games that once thrived.

There are 5 games scattered across the park from different traditional backgrounds that need no more than materials found in the park itself to play. We invite you to explore the site, find the games and have fun with these!

This event is free and open to all and booking is not required.

This event is part of Demystifying Design