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Symposium: Museum engagement as speculative design

Event date
15 March 2019 (9.30am to 6pm)
Symposium: Museum engagement as speculative design

Symposium: Museum engagement as speculative design
15 March 2019
Lecture Theatre, Camberwell College of Arts
45–65 Peckham Road, London SE5 8UF

If speculative design can be a catalyst for redefining reality, what are the implications for how concepts of audience engagement might be imagined in and around museums and other spaces of collection and display?
Drawing upon Dunne and Raby’s idea that design speculations can promote discussion and debate, as well as proposing alternative narratives to the ways things are now, this one-day symposium will consider how speculative design might be used to explore how museum spaces can be reconfigured as social platforms.

Bringing together practitioners from different fields, the event will offer a trans-disciplinary approach in exploring the following questions:
How can interpretative tools be applied to collections?
How can dialogue and discussion be stimulated?
Can exploring design through problems rather solutions encourage agency and action in museum audiences?
Are there effective techniques for responding to the urgent challenges presented in today’s world?

More information and speakers will be announced in January 2019. 

Presented by Research Events: Camberwell, Chelsea, Wimbledon Colleges of Arts (UAL) and convened by Dr Dan Byrne-Smith, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art Theory at Chelsea College of Arts, emerging out of his role as the Horniman Museum Art, Design and Natural History Fellow.

Image: Performance of X…The Unexplained by Dan Byrne-Smith at the Horniman Museum, London. October, 2018. Image courtesy of the Horniman Museum and Gardens. 

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