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                                        ReGo Project Participants. holding their manifestos. Photo by Francesco Mazzarella.
ReGo Project Participants. holding their manifestos. Photo by Francesco Mazzarella.

12pm - 6pm


ReGo – Our Story in the Making

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In what ways can fashion activism be used to shift the prevailing narrative around youth violence?

ReGo: Our Story in the Making is a new exhibition supported by Foundation for Future London and London College of Fashion, UAL exploring how fashion activism can lead to positive social change through a bespoke fashion collection. Jewellery, bags, dresses and garments created from repurposed metal from knives received from KnifeSafe will be on display. KnifeSafe is an organisation that aims to reduce knife crime, by getting knives off the streets, by providing bins to safely and securely dispose of them. The showcased items have been co-created by young people from East London (Newham, Waltham Forest, Hackney and Tower Hamlets) in collaboration with local fashion brands including Michelle-Lowe Holder, Fibre Lab, The Reclaimery and CQ Studio. 

ReGo means to put aside our ego and go again and again through a continuous process of change both in oneself and in society. ReGo: Our Story in the Making is the result of a year-long partnership between London College of Fashion, UAL's Centre for Sustainable Fashion and not-for-profit organisation Catalyst in Communities (CIC). The initial collaboration sought to connect creatives across disciplines with the aim to illustrate to young people how they can control the direction their lives take by leveraging the power of fashion, making, and storytelling to shift the prevailing narrative around youth violence. The project had an initial focus on knife crime, and then widened to include other societal issues that the young people participating wanted to address through fashion activism.  

The three-week-long exhibition opening on 19 May, will showcase the extraordinary pieces created through the ReGo project as well as a short film and podcasts allowing visitors to fully understand the collaborations, workshops, people, and stories that have formed this unique and important display. After the exhibition, the new collection will be available to rent exclusively via LOANHOOD, the innovative rental platform offering a sustainable and accessible way to refresh wardrobes and wear unique high-end items that people might not otherwise have has access to. All proceeds raised will go towards supporting ongoing educational and employment opportunities for young people in fashion. 

To accompany the exhibition, and to launch the ReGo collection and exhibition, there will be a billboard campaign supported by BUILDHOLLYWOOD, across sites in East London, showcasing an exclusive photoshoot starring the young people involved in the project.

ReGo: Our Story in the Making

  • Dates: 19 May – 5 June 2022 (Thursdays – Sundays only), 12 - 6pm 
  • Admission: Free
  • Location: The Lab E20, E Park Walk, East Village, London, E20 1JB