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Neo Norte, UAL Latinos Creative Society

Event date
25 September 2019 - 11 November 2019
Neo Norte, UAL Latinos Creative Society

Who determines the north?


The Latinos Creative Society was co-founded by Tere Chad during her time studying MA Art & Science at Central Saint Martins. The Society aims to re-frame our understanding of Latin America. This exhibition, NeoNorte, meaning ‘new north’, proposes the south as the new north and invites a dialogue of ethnic, folklore and western artworks in one space.


This exhibition, curated by Tere Chad, is a parallel event to Neo Norte exhibition at Exposed Arts Projects and the Latinos Manifesto Publication.


Contact the Student Union to join the Latinos Creative Society. Tere Chadwick can be contacted via / @terechad




Works in the exhibition:

Clarissa Serafim

Crinoline / Miriñaque / Crinolina


Made out of ballet costumes, this work explores the relationship between clothes and memory. The interconnection between what was colonised in Latin America and what is left from cultures that have perished. This piece tries to visually interpret concepts like transparency, history, exploration and its reminiscences.


Nataly Pérez

Between Presence and Absence / Entre Presencia y Ausencia / Entre a Presenca e a Ausencia


A felt sculpture attempting to represent the skin. The process of remembering is invariably linked to the physical world around us. Skin allows us to remember; acting as the border between our interior or emotions, with our exterior or physical body. 

Giuseppe Mario

Where is the North? / ¿Dónde está el Norte? / Onde fica o Norte?

Plastic inflatable globe

The connection between the globe (the signifier) and its abstract concept (the signified) is immediate. Our daily exposure to the globe’s sign, makes us think that the ‘North’ is placed on the arctic because of a natural force. But why can the south not be the north? The desecration of the original sign (globe), is squashed into a new shape. A deflated globe that reveals uncharted paths and connections, encouraging the mind to experience new meanings and realities.

Latinos Creative Society 2018 & Emiliano de Rokha

Latin American Map / Mapa de Latinoamérica / Mapa da América Latina

Paper, thread, paint

Collages made by members of the Latinos Creative Society. When members started thinking about the multiple identities that converge in Latin America, they realised it was a hard task to create a common manifesto. Therefore, collage was selected as a method to discuss ideas through visual language. Some books donated by the Latin American House were used for the collages.

Latinos Creative Society 2018 

Latin American Map / Mapa de Latinoamérica / Mapa da América Latina

A Latin American map depicts Latinos Creative Society Neo Norte: the south as new north. Used in May 2018 to declare their manifesto through a performance in Five Years creative space. The manifesto will be published in the ‘Being Together Is Not Enough’ book edited by Five Years.

Latinos Creative Society 2018 

Manifesto Declaration / Declaración del Manifiesto / Declaração do Manifesto

Two performers of the society started by marking the north on the floor of the room. Afterwards they proceeded to hang and unhang the collages created during the workshops, attempting to construct and deconstruct the development process of the manifesto. Five performers placed the map of Latin America in the conventional position, tore it in five, and repositioned it with its ‘Neo Norte’: their south as the new north. They stitched the map with a red thread while declaring their principles in Spanish or Portuguese. It was an open manifesto, so finalised by inviting the audience to sign it.

New North 1.0 / Neo Norte 1.0 / Neo North 1.0

Documentation video about Neo Norte 1.0 presented for the first time between August and September 2018 at Fundación Cultural de Providencia, Santiago, Chile. The exhibition reflected on Eurocentric curatorial practices supremacy, that tend to segregate ethnic, folkloric and western expressions.

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