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Ghost Changing Room

Event date
30 September 2019 - 13 November 2019 (10am to 5pm)
Ghost Changing Room

Exhibition Dates: 30 September - 13 November 2019
Open: Monday - Friday, 10am - 5pm
Opening Event: Thursday 10 October, 5 - 8pm

Lindsey Bull, Tamara Dubnyckyj, Rebecca Jagoe, Mindy Lee, Cathy Lomax, Susan Sluglett

Curated by Mindy Lee

The changing room is a place to transition, a place to come and go, to pass through. Bodies changing reveal a shedding of a layer, outfit, costume, persona, memory, skin or life.
This painting and sculpture exhibition looks at intimate traces of the body through a chasm between public, private, projected and theatrical personas; between the external and internal self. Physical, cast-off garments leave a trace of the body's activity behind, whilst the paintings capture ghostly figures in a state of dress/undress. These forms and gestures hold memories of our ghost bodies and evidence our continual search to reinvent or re-find ourselves/others. Here ghosts remain as a constant reminder of the body’s shifting states.
This changing room is temporary, a curtain or veil drawn across a space to offer a more intimate, private place to transform and reflect. The viewer will briefly inhabit the changing room, finding themselves amongst unworn garments, observing other changes frozen in paintings.  Mirrors offer visitors glimpses of themselves as a transient impermanent body, a ghost moving through the space.

Image: Visitor

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