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Crafting Effective CVs and Cover Letters - Camberwell

Event date
5 November 2018 (4pm to 6pm)
Crafting Effective CVs and Cover Letters - Camberwell
This workshop will help you develop the skills needed to produce effective CVs and cover letters. We’ll cover the basics such as structure and content. We'll also cover more advanced perspectives, including tailoring these documents for different audiences. We recommend you attend this workshop when preparing to look for jobs and creative opportunities in the UK.
There will be plenty of time for questions - further support and resources will be signposted throughout.
What will you learn?
Through a series of practical exercises and short presentations you will:
  • Develop an understanding of the function of CVs and cover letters
  • Identify appropriate structures and content for your documents
  • Learn how to tailor your CVs and cover letters effectively for different opportunities
  • Explore ways to evidence your skills and experience effectively
Who is this workshop for?
Participant feedback suggests this workshop is well suited to those of you writing your first CV or cover letter, as well as those of you with more experience. Whether you’re starting out with these documents, or revisiting them from an experienced perspective, this workshop will be beneficial to attend.

This session is one of a number of workshops facilitated by Careers and Employability. Keep a look out for others such as Developing your Portfolio, Strategies for Job Hunting, Exploring your Career Ambitions and Skills for Interviews.
The session will be led and facilitated by: Hannah Breslin, Employability Practitioner (Camberwell and Chelsea) and is organised by the Careers and Employability team.
This event is open to ALL students and graduates from ALL UAL colleges.

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