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10am - 6pm


Bethany Williams: Alternative Systems

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Following a digital presentation, The Hands that Heal Us by London-based designer and LCF alumna Bethany Williams, presenting her latest collection as part of London Fashion Week, The Design Museum celebrates her work with a new exhibition embracing the discussion of social and environmental issues.

From garments made from recycled book waste to collaborations with community projects, Bethany is building a practice that seeks to avoid the usual contradictions of fashion. Her work tackles social and environmental issues, and this display will also include her collaboration as part of the Emergency Designer Network to create PPE during the pandemic.

Plan your visit to The Design Museum to see this free display.

The Hands that Heal Us - a digital presentation by Bethany Williams

The Hands that Heal Us is inspired by the ever-growing community of makers, creatives, local and social manufacturers all of whom play such an integral part in the Bethany Williams brand and supply chain. “The primary focus of this collection are the many hands that touch our clothing throughout the making process, through the integration of artisanal and hand-crafted elements, in the form of weaving, knitting, printing, patchworking and embroidery. The life of each garment delicately passes through the hands of our intricate supply chain, and for that we feel immense gratitude to our makers, our tools and our team that surrounds us.”
- Bethany Williams