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Be your own boss: Intellectual Property: Your rights as a creative

Event date
5 December 2018 (4pm to 6pm)
Be your own boss: Intellectual Property: Your rights as a creative

BE YOUR OWN BOSS: The A to Z of freelancing

***This is part four in a series, you can read about the series and book onto other sessions here***
Session  5: Intellectual Property: Your rights as a creative

Intellectual Property: your rights as a creative
Giving creators and innovators the exclusive right to manage how their work is represented, sold and licensed, Intellectual Property (IP) is a crucial part of any working creative’s career.
Roxanne Peters, UAL’s Intellectual Property Lecturer will demystify the law and highlight some key areas for you to consider when freelancing. She will be joined by alumni who will share their experiences of navigating intellectual property within their practice. This session will help make sure you benefit from understanding the value of your IP.
You will learn:

  • What IP you own
  • When to protect your work
  • When to seek permission to use other people’s creations
  • Understanding the difference between imitation and inspiration
  • How to benefit from collaboration

Careers and Employability are dedicated supporting UAL students who are underrepresented in the creative industries. We receive funding that allows us to offer such support to students who are the first in their family to go to University, therefore we have allocated a percentage of tickets to these students.

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