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UAL x London Design Festival 2021

Together in Europe: Creative Communities for Change, University of the Arts London x London Design Festival, 2021 Design by Riccardo Righi

Together in Europe: Creative Communities for Change

Together in Europe: Creative Communities for Change is an online exhibition and series of events. It considers our past, present, and future relationship with Europe.

In a post-Brexit world, facing challenges of COVID-19, climate change and racial and social inequalities, how can we work together as a creative community to create positive change?

The 3 day programme explores new models of international engagement. It speculates on creative futures through an expanded understanding of Europe as place, space, and idea.

Showcasing a wide range of innovative projects from key figures at UAL, alongside voices from our valued European partners. The programme will look for answers to these global challenges.

UAL x LDF 2021: Introduction from Dr Nicky Ryan

Online panel

UAL x LDF: Models of Engagement

Mick Finch, Laura Martelloni and Adam Thorpe discuss T-Factor: Unleashing future-facing urban hubs through culture and creativity-led strategies of transformative time. Chaired by Dr Nicky Ryan, UAL.

UAL x LDF: Working and Studying in Europe

Debate with UAL alumni from across Europe. They share lived experiences studying and working in Europe, how the creative industries are changing, and the prospects for employment post-Brexit. Chaired by Dr Nicky Ryan

UAL x LDF: Future Visions

UAL and guest speakers consider how our relationship with Europe may evolve in a post-Brexit landscape and how UAL may develop our eastern European connections. Chaired by Yesenia San Juan, UAL.

UAL x LDF online showcase 2021

Group of people working together in a large white space
Recognising Experience-Based Education and Learning (REBEL) Framework and Shared Campus

Models of Engagement

How can we build and activate a creative community in Europe?

Featured projects:

Global Design Studio

Pharma Factory


Plastic Justice

Product Design: Ecologies of Action Summer School


Shared Campus


Working and Studying in Europe

How can students shape creative futures in Europe?

Featured projects:

A Place in Transition

Co-design your place




Flowers nested between rocks in the evening light
Jardin de Naturalizacion by Masha Wysocka
Young woman dancing in a body suit with sensrors
SMC and MA Costume Design for Performance with Choreographer Alexander Whitley, UAL.

Future Visions

What are the opportunities for new perspectives on Europe?

Featured projects:

Fashion Tech Alliance


unbauhaus - UAL’s collective response to the European Commission’s New European Bauhaus (NEB)


Our vision for Europe

Visual Identity

Text by Riccardo Righi.

In the influential Italian poem Orlando Furioso the surface of the moon is described as it appears to the knight Astolfo, as he went there, in search of Orlando’s lost wits:

Far other lakes than ours this region yields,

Far other rivers, and far other fields;


Ludovico Ariosto, Orlando Furioso, 1516 (canto 34, verse 72).

This sight from a distance is the one that inspired the design of the identity for Together in Europe: Creative Communities for Change. Combining the shapes of European countries, we wanted to create cartographies of elsewhere, geographies that let us imagine what Europe could look like, when boundaries collapse.

With these premises, the colour palette and typeface reflect a contemporary approach to the subject, using the visual space as an atlas for encounter and imagination, rather than definition and separation.

Riccardo Righi is a designer and researcher. He recently graduated from the MA Graphic Media Design at London College of Communication and his practice explores topics of collective identity, language and queerness.

Curatorial team

Dr Nicky Ryan, Dean of Design, LCC and Chair, Europe Regional Group UAL.

Sophie Punt, Regional Partnerships Co-ordinator, International Relations Unit.

Gabriele Grigorjeva, Project Support Co-ordinator, LDF, International Relations Unit.

Part of London Design Festival 2021.