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Hand Painting And Printing For Textiles

Hand Painting And Printing For Textiles

Central Saint Martins
Taught by
Arantza Vilas


This exciting course gives an insight into the skills of hand painting and screenprinting onto a variety of fabrics. You will learn how to devore, dye and print with Procion and Acid print pastes and use transfer paints and papers. You will also have the opportunity to expose a screen. The course aims to teach students of all abilities and levels of experience.

We will provide an introduction to fashion print and hand painting techniques, which will provide the confidence to experiment with a variety of fabrics and the opportunity to develop your own ideas. As these skills are learned, students will be set a project in which they will transfer their designs on to fabric.

Level: All levels

Entry requirements: None

Please note: This course is for students aged 18 and older

Tutor Description

Arantza Vilas is a textile artist and designer who graduated with an MA in textiles at CSM. Her project based studio specialises in printed and manipulated textiles for a variety of projects. She has created specialist textiles for a host of high-profile clients in the interiors, food and film industries, including HBO, the BBC, Starz and international museums and galleries.


The course provides all dyes and fabrics we will need. We will also have basic materials but there are things, which are important that you will need to bring.

Please bring with for the first session:

  • Over all/apron/old shirt-very important
  • Gloves- very important
  • Brushes (cheap ones from DIY shops) sponges, rollers and other tools you may consider to mark make
  • Pencils, pens, scissors, threads and needles
  • Cutters, masking tape, A4 acetate sheets, tin foil
  • Sketchbook or plastic sleeves folder
  • A s selection of images, postcards, magazines objects that inspire you

Prior to the course you could do some research and join and contribute to the Pinterest board I have created:

It is not compulsory so do not worry if you are not on Pinterest!

You can visit the beautiful fabric shops in Soho (The cloth house, The Berwick Street cloth shop, Soho Silks, Misan Retail), visit The Cloth House’s warehouse store for cheaper finds!

We will be working with natural and synthetic fibres, basic fabrics will be provided (cotton, silk, devore mix, polyester) but you are welcome to bring fabrics you would like to experiment with (1m of fabrics you want to try should be sufficient).

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