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Photography Portfolio Preparation (16 - 18 Year Olds)

Photography Portfolio Preparation (16 - 18 Year Olds)

London College of Communication
Taught by
A respected industry expert


Combining creativity and technical skills, this short course will teach you a range of new photography skills and give you an understanding of current photography theory. It focuses on processes and context so that by the end of the course you will have created a quality portfolio with a solid creative edge.

We have an international reputation in photography education.Our teaching is intensive and hands-on, you will have access to our digital studios to develop your ability to take good pictures. We will also introduce you to the latest concepts and theories about photography through a series of case-studies, enabling you to "think as a photographer". You will apply this knowledge and skills in an assignment that you spend time developing with individual tuition.

A key part of the course is presenting your work for feedback and questions from your classmates. In return you will learn appropriate ways to critique other students' work.Regardless of your previous experience you will leave the course with confidence in your practical skills as a camera operator and for ideas-generation to create new work.

Please note this course is suitable for you if you are applying for further study at LCC, but does not guarantee entry.

Topics Covered

  • Contemporary theory and practice
  • Ideas generation
  • Individual project work
  • Camera skills and techniques
  • Analogue and digital portfolio
  • Specialist equipment and materials
  • Workbook: ideas generation, analysis and research
  • Progression advice and guidance
  • One-to-one and group tutorials
  • Presentations and peer critiques

Course Outcomes
By the end of this course you will:

  • Make a range of photographic work in response to set projects
  • Use selected technical, conceptual, contextual and practical skills in the production of photographic work
  • Present a new portfolio of work to specified audiences confidently

Who Should Attend
This course is suitable for you if you between16 – 18 and are considering further study or a career in photography.

You will need to come prepared with an existing project or idea for a project to pursueYou should have your own DSLR and know how to use it on manual settings. You should be willing to use at least one social networking site.It will be useful if you have experience with post-production software such as Adobe Photoshop.

Follow Up Courses
Once you have taken this course you may be interested Animation and Illustration Portfolio Preparation (16-18 Year Olds).

"The Montage project and Face jointer project had inspired me a lot. Thank you so much Steve! You're such a wonderful teacher!"

Tutor Description

This course will be taught by a respected industry expert.

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