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Photography For Photographers (Summer Evenings)

Photography For Photographers (Summer Evenings)

Central Saint Martins
Taught by
Peter Cattrell


We recognise that the creative process is personal and individual, and look at the qualities photography has to make it a distinctive way of expression. This photography course helps you develop your personal vision and creative approach to photography. We will review your portfolios, and the projects undertaken.

Topics covered

  • We will look at well known photographers' work and discuss their composition, approach, method  and techniques.
  • You will experiment with various projects, such as abstraction, vantage point, scale, perspective, studio lighting for portraits and still life, pinhole, and night photography.
  • We cover working  digitally, plus traditional film processing and printing if wanted, and using different camera formats.
  • In photography, technical and aesthetic understanding go closely together and the course tries to make those links in order to help you improve your work.
  • If you have personal projects in progress and want help with ideas and technique, advice will be available.

Please note: This course is for students aged 18 and older

Tutor Description

Peter Cattrell has taught at Central Saint Martins, and other UAL colleges since 1986. He has worked for magazines, and design companies, doing portraits, landscapes, and architectural photography. His work includes landscape images for the new Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, and he has written a book called 'A Foundation Course in Photography' published by Cassell. He works on commissioned, and personal projects, and has prints in several national collections.


Please bring with you to the first session: 

  • A camera (along with memory card / film that you use) is necessary for the course, its instruction manual and a notebook and pen
  • A range of your own creative work on a memory stick, or printed if you like, to show to the group and discuss.

Available dates