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Costume Making

Course description

During this course, we will be looking at men’s and ladies 18th century costume, particularly each area e.g. the bodice, skirt, stomacher, sleeves and collars.

Initially making a corset-shape to transform the mannequins into an 18th century silhouette, I will then take you through the process of cutting a dress pattern on the stand and explain the methods needed to complete the costume.

We will be using calico fabric (provided) throughout the week and concentrating on getting one or more toiles completed.  There will be the opportunity to venture into men’s costume and also other useful skills including frogging and boning

By the end of the week, you should be able to identify costumes from all periods of the 18th century, have the confidence to make a pattern from a design and have the knowledge of how to complete it.

Available dates

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Your tutor will outline the course agenda in detail on day one of your course.


Please bring with you to the first session:

  • A small sewing kit including, scissors, needles and pins
  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • Ruler
Meet the Tutor:

This course examines men's and ladies 18th century costume, focusing on the bodice, skirt, stomacher, sleeves and collars. Students work on the mannequin and go through the process of dress pattern cutting, needed to complete a costume.

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