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Developing Identities Through Clothes Weekend

Developing Identities Through Clothes Weekend

Central Saint Martins
Taught by
Matteo Augello


This course is a unique chance to learn how you can build an identity through clothing. You will have the opportunity to work on your image – whether it is your everyday self, a stage persona or a character – and explore how your appearance, movement and understanding of your own body can be enhanced by what you wear. Thinking of clothing as costume and of the world as a stage, you will experiment with your body and learn how to control the performance of your identity in different contexts. You will play characters, swap identities (and clothes) and allow all the different sides of your personality to take centre stage!

The course is structured as an intense introduction to performance through clothing. Exercise involving physical and intellectual engagement will lead students towards a greater understanding of themselves and their potential. This will only be achieved by coming to the course with enthusiasm, curiosity and openness: students will be pushed out of their comfort zones and will be required to play with clothes, act and perform in front of the group. The course is a judgement-free zone: there are no mistakes, no rights nor wrongs, everything that happens has a purpose and can teach something.

Over the two days, you will be asked to undertake exercise with partners, share your thoughts and sensations when wearing garments, swap clothing, act from scripts or improvise, role play, perform in front of the group, give feedback to peers.

Topics covered
During the course, various topics will be discussed, drawing from both theatre, music and fashion. Starting from body awareness, the concepts of ‘performer’, ‘persona’ and ‘character’ will be analysed, as well as narrative and identity. Brief histories of icons, suits and glamour will also provide knowledge. Throughout the course, examples across fields and decades will provide countless inspirations.

Level: All levels

Who should take this course?
The course is aimed at everyone who sees life as a performance and wants to learn how clothes can help give their best performances.
You can be a manager who wants to assert his own authority, or a comedian who wants to improve stage presence. You can be a fashion lover who wants to turn an Instagram profile into a work of art (and style!), or you can be a drag queen who needs to step up the game and reach the heights of glamour.

Entry requirements
A good knowledge of English, openness to exploration, curiosity, willing to perform in front of others.

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Please note: This course is for students aged 18 and older

Tutor Description

Matteo Augello is a lecturer and performer. He teaches history of fashion and popular culture. His particular interest lies in costume and fashion for performance. He has also worked on heritage-based projects in both the UK and Italy and was associate curator of Costume in Action at World Stage Design 2013.

To learn more about Matteo, read his interview on the CSM Short Courses blog here.


Please bring a suitcase of clothes, both of your own and ideally borrowed from friends. You should come with a diverse range of garments which you will use during the exercises. You may be asked to remove your make-up during the exercises.

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