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English Plus Art and Design (Year Round)

English Plus Art and Design (Year Round)

Chelsea College of Arts
Level of English required
Pre-intermediate or above

Combine between four and 24 weeks of General or Academic English with practical art and design lessons at Chelsea College of Arts.

I have never studied art before, but our teacher is very helpful with explaining basic things to me around drawing, painting and about creating something, so I really enjoyed it. Mari, Japan

Hours per week

Key features

This option provides a general art and design mix suitable for portfolio preparation or general interest and enjoyment. You will be given an introduction to various art and design subjects.

The programme consists of practical work in the studio, group work and visits to museums and galleries in order to gather research work for your projects. The emphasis of the course is on creativity, learning to express ideas on paper and also making art in three dimensions.

If you are preparing a portfolio we recommend taking 24 weeks of English Plus Art and Design.

Please note that computers are not used in this programme.

What is included?

  • 15 hours of General or Academic English tuition per week, Monday to Friday
  • 7 hours of art and design classes over 2 days per week
  • regular tutorials and progress tests
  • free Wi-Fi access across all UAL sites
  • independent study facilities
  • insurance
  • Certificate of Attendance from the Language Centre and Chelsea College of Arts

Are materials included?

Basic materials will be provided but you are expected to bring or buy your own pencils, brushes, sketch book, a camera for recording 3 dimensional work and visual research (a camera phone is sufficient) and a portfolio to transport your work home.

How many students in a class?

For English language classes, the average number of students in a class is 12 students and the maximum is 15.
For art and design classes, the average is 12 students, and the maximum is 16.

What is the minimum age?


Do I need to have experience in the subject I want to study?

No, this course is designed as an introduction to art and design.

What is the minimum level of English?

Pre-intermediate or above.

For more information on English levels, see the Your Language Level page.

Course aims

Learn English and experience a variety of art and design topics taught through interesting projects. Create or develop your art and design portfolio which can be used for further study.

2018 timetable

Start dates 2 January or 2 July

  • Drawing: Gallery visits (drawing in sketchbooks)
  • Painting: Transcription (observational painting, colour mixing and developing ideas); painting from a masterpiece
  • Design: City design (3D model making)

Start dates 29 January or 30 July

  • Drawing: Life drawing (observational drawing of the human body)
  • Painting: Scale (proportion and composition); portrait painting
  • Design: Mixed media design (collage)

Start dates 26 February or 28 August

  • Drawing: Museum visits (drawing and ideas development)
  • Painting: Life painting (proportion, colour mixing and tone)
  • Design: Architecture design (3D model making); printmaking (lino printing)

Start dates 26 March or 24 September

  • Drawing: Life drawing (observational drawing of the human body); gallery visits (drawing in sketchbooks)
  • Painting: Still life painting (observational painting and colour mixing); painting from a masterpiece
  • Design: Graphic design (packaging design)

Start date 23 April (two weeks)

  • Drawing: Pots Project (tone and shade)
  • Painting: Pots Project (colour mixing, tone and shade)
  • Design: Clay Project (modelling and sculpting; gallery visit)

Start dates 8 May or 22 October

  • Drawing: Textures (line, tone, surface and texture)
  • Painting: Landscapes (outdoor traditional painting); textiles (pattern design using mixed media)
  • Design: Interior design (design your dream home)

Start dates 4 June or 19 November

  • Drawing: Illustration (fairytales, image making and composition)
  • Painting: Life painting (proportion, colour mixing and tone)
  • Design: 3D design (wire sculptures); fashion design (garment design)

Dates and Fees

These courses can be booked between 4 and 24 weeks in 4-week blocks (except for a 2 week block starting 23 April 2018).

Start dates

  • 2 January
  • 29 January
  • 26 February
  • 26 March
  • 23 April (2 week block)
  • 8 May
  • 4 June
  • 2 July
  • 30 July
  • 28 August
  • 24 September
  • 22 October
  • 19 November

Course fees

  • 2* weeks: £890
  • 4 weeks: £1,780
  • 6* weeks: £2,580
  • 8 weeks: £3,440
  • 10* weeks: £4,300
  • 12 weeks: £5,160
  • 14* weeks: £5,810
  • 16 weeks: £6,640
  • 18* weeks: £7,470
  • 20 weeks: £8,300
  • 22* weeks: £9,130
  • 24 weeks: £9,720
  • *These course lengths are only possible if they include the 2 week block

Any questions?

Contact us by emailing:

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