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Communicating with Data Online Short Course

Course description

Our Communicating with Data short course is a practical and informative way to introduce you to the tools and techniques you need in order to interrogate rows and columns of data, and turn your insights into compelling stories.

Datasets related to many issues, including health, culture, demographics and public spending are now available for anyone to download from the web. On this course you will learn how to find patterns and extract information from data held in spreadsheets. You will learn where to find the data you need for your purposes, and how to begin interrogating and analysing it by finding facts and patterns often hidden in plain sight.

Who should attend

This course is suitable for anyone whose work or organisation produces or uses data and who needs a hands-on introduction to this rapidly growing field.

Course outcomes

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Find published open data and other sources online
  • Interrogate, or "interview" data using spreadsheets
  • Clean data in preparation for analysis
  • Make sense of data in text and visually using simple visuals

Clear, easy to understand lessons:

  • Our tutors will explain in easy to understand accessible English, if they use any special terminology we make sure they explain what it is they mean.
  • New methodologies will be explained to you in a way thats crystal clear and easy to understand.
  • We even include live demonstrations of particular techniques so that you can see exactly how things should be done.
  • We also offer a bunch of learning resources for you to access outside of the live lessons. This allows you to ensure you are up to date and you can practice and review the things that are important to you. Practice makes perfect after all!

Live interactive classrooms:

  • We like to do things the right way, that's why all of our online classes are live, you won't find any recordings here (well apart from the recording we provide in case you miss a live session)
  • Expect live interaction with your classmates from around the world, our students come from far and wide
  • Ask questions of your tutor in real time
  • Receive feedback and critique on your assignments
  • Discuss topics related to your course in real time via your microphone and camera or if you're not feeling brave, in the chat box
  • Miss a class? Thats ok you can catch up in a recording which is available for 2 weeks after your course runs

A certificate of completion:

  • You've put the work in so we want to make sure you have something to show for it!
  • As long as you attend a minimum of 80% of your classes, we will provide you with a certificate of attendance.
  • However we always recommend you attend all of the classes so that you get the most out of the experience!
  • Certificates are a great addition to your C

All our online short courses include:

  • Live online lessons with the same tutors
  • The same course content and learning outcomes as our face to face courses
  • Lesson recordings, for review, so you never have to miss a class
  • Access to the virtual learning environment with course content
  • Forums for support
  • 2 weeks online access to the recordings of the live classroom sessions

Please note that all courses are taught in UK time.

Online courses are closed to all new bookings 48 hours prior to the course starting.

Available dates

Enquire about this course and we will contact you when new dates are published.


Topics covered

  • Rows and columns: how to decide what a dataset is likely to tell you from an outline of columns available
  • Introduction to interrogating a dataset: using a spreadsheet to ask questions, including sorting and filtering data and summarising it using a pivot table and other built-in tools
  • Sources of data: structure web portals, official bodies and speculative searches
  • Simple visualisations and presentation
  • Communicating with data and pitching data stories


Online short course materials

To take part in the Online sessions you will need:

  • An up-to-date web browser (we recommend Chrome)
  • Microphone and headphones (a headset with a microphone function is recommended. The built-in microphone in your device would also be fine)
  • Webcam
  • Strong Internet connection - we recommend a minimum of 2 Mbps download, and 1 Mbps upload, faster if possible. You can test your network speed here -

Please bring for the first session:

  • notebook and pen
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