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Experimental Printmaking for 16 to 18 year olds

Experimental Printmaking for 16 to 18 Year olds

Central Saint Martins
Taught by
Seán Myers


Hand-made prints are very different to digital prints as they are produced using physically indirect and reflective printmaking techniques. This is an extremely exciting process, which leads to original ways of putting ideas together for Art and Design. The course will cover a wide range of printmaking techniques including colour surface mono printing, dry point, photo-based image transfer printing, paper cut stencil methods and other relief based, textural mark making processes.

The first 15 hours of this 25 hour course is a considered and more open experimental approach to the various printmaking techniques demonstrated by the tutor. You will work towards finding an identity, style and technique suited to your way of working and will be able to combine the techniques you’ve learned on various surfaces. In the final 10 hours the tutor will give 1-1 tuition and feedback to students, discussing project ideas and how to implement them using the printing presses. The state of the art printmaking centre at CSM boasts fantastic facilities and working atmosphere.

This course will help you develop new skills and ways of thinking as well as contributing lots of interesting work to enhance your IB / Art & Design A-level coursework, and contribute to your portfolio for applying for Foundation or BA in Fine Art, Graphics, Illustration or Textiles. Learning Printmaking is extremely relevant to most Art and Design degree subjects, as it helps with colour theory, painting, drawing, photography and compositional skills. It also has ‘by use of the printing press’ the fascinating ability to inspire personal intuition, new aesthetics, and automatic mark making responses to your ideas.

Level: This course is appropriate for students of all levels.


Please note: This course is for students aged 16 to 18 years old only

Tutor Description

Seán Myers works with Foundation, BA and MA students at Central Saint Martins. He is an artist and lecturer and also runs a silkscreen printing studio in North London. 

To see images of previous student work, view the galleries on Seán's website.

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