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Art and Design School at Home for 13 to 16 Year Olds (Online Short Course)

Art and Design School at Home for 13 to 16 Year Olds (Online Short Course)

Central Saint Martins
Taught by
Ilga Leimanis, with others


This online art and design course has been created for teenagers aged 13 to 16 years old that are looking to get the full experience of art school.

On this course, you will learn new skills while developing your confidence through experimentation, idea generation and creativity enhancing activities whilst on this online course. There is also a focus on building upon your technical skills through practical assignments that include making and designing.

You will receive daily online presentations, live workshop demonstrations and 1-to-1 tutorials. You will develop your confidence while experimenting with design, working on idea generation and focusing on creativity while also developing your technical skills through tutor-led online sessions.

This course has been devised to teach all of the skills required via tailored online tutorials. Whether you consider yourself a complete beginner or if you are already studying art and design at school, this course will give you the experience of learning at Central Saint Martins. 

During the two weeks you will explore the following subjects, which are all supported by relevant talks and discussions:

  • Observational Drawing: still life, figure and portrait
  • Painting and colour mixing
  • Colour and Collage and Mark-Making 
  • Typography, Graphic Design and Zines 
  • 3D modelling
  • Spatial Design and photographic documentation
  • Illustration
  • Research and idea generation
  • Selecting work for exhibition

Towards the end of the course you will take these techniques and apply them to a personal project of your choosing with guidance from your tutor. All students will complete the course with sketchbooks full of ideas, along with a number of finished works and new technical abilities, all of which will help inspire your art and design practice in the future

This promises to be an exciting and unique experience for any 13 to 16 year old who is:

  • Interested in developing their own creativity 
  • Building a portfolio for future studies 
  • Confident in learning from their mistakes 
  • Keen to work with students of different nationalities 
  • Willing to work and collaborate with others during projects 
  • Wishing to develop their skills in communicating ideas

Course Schedule
2-week course delivery, each day includes 2 x check in tutorials

Course Times
Please note that we will be providing additional information about live session delivery times, so that we can accommodate students across multiple time zones. This will be finalised closer to the course start date.

Students will receive 

  • Daily - Fact sheet for all demos, visual presentation, Instagram posts featuring their work
  • End of the course – catalogue featuring their work and CSM online gallery/exhibition and a certificate of attendance

  • Week 1

    Day 1

    • Introduction to course and portfolio preparation (skills and experimental processes)
    • Get to know you+ cyber bullying sign posting
    • AM Presentation/ Demo 
    • Activity – Make collage, collect rubbings, explore tests, make small zine
    • PM Presentation/ Demo
    • Activity – still life drawing / objects / basics of observational drawing
    • Introduce research

    Day 2

    • AM Presentation/ Demo 
    • Activity – drawing the figure, basics, standing and seated figures, shapes and shading
    • PM Presentation/ Demo
    • Activity – illustration, drawing into painting

    Day 3

    • AM Presentation/ Demo 
    • Activity – Painting, studies, composition
    • PM Presentation/ Demo
    • Activity – colour mixing, painting
    • Introduce research and discuss project themes

    Day 4

    • AM Presentation/ Demo 
    • Activity – Portraits, drawing basics, shading
    • PM Presentation/ Demo
    • Activity 3D modelling the head using clay/plasticine / modelling clay, etc.

    Day 5

    • AM Presentation/ Demo 
    • Activity – Fonts / handmade letters
    • Presentation/ Demo Introduce group project zines
    • PM Activity – group work design and make small zine/ divide task

    Week 2

    Day 1

    • AM Presentation/ Demo 
    • Activity – Spatial Design, model making, paper folding, building
    • PM Presentation/ Demo 
    • Activity - photography, lighting, of models, presentation, scale

    Day 2

    • AM Catch up and finish work. 
    • One-to-one tutorials
    • PM Activity: How to research for final projects
    • + How to develop experimental process for idea generation 

    Day 3

    • Sharing research and commenting / constructively helping each other. 
    • Activity: Work on Final Projects, make sure Idea Generation has been done 
    • One-to-one tutorials

    Day 4

    • Final Projects individual work
    • One-to-one tutorials

    Day 5

    • Individual project presentations
    • group tutorial / critique 
    • Select work for Final exhibition
    • Course feedback

    The final project, all preparatory / sketchbook work, and a selection of other work made on this course will be collated into a digital/physical catalogue and sent out to each student. The work in progress shots and outcomes will also be shared on socials plus hosted by the CSM online gallery space.

    Watch our Online Short Courses for 13 to 16 Year Olds promotional video on YouTube.

    Review the School at Home for 13 to 16 Year Olds Online Short Course Handbook [PDF 7.58MB] 

    Read more about our online short courses in our helpful article, Why taking an online short course is perfect for you!

    Please note: This course is for students aged 13 to 16 years old only
    Please note that Online courses are closed to all new bookings 48 hours prior to the course starting.

    Tutor Description

    Ilga Leimanis MA is a London-based artist and writer. She is a member of Five Years, an artist-run gallery, and her own practice is collaborative and interdisciplinary. Her teaching experience of 10 years is varied and extensive. She helps prepare students for degree courses and many of her previous students have gained places at their preferred schools. She also works with professionals looking to develop their communication and creativity skills, as well as people taking courses for personal interest.

    Ilga delivers workshops for the University of the Arts (UAL) Academic Support department, working across six UAL art and design colleges. She teaches manual drawing skills for architects and engineers working at leading offices in London, including at Foster+Partners, and she also works internationally.

    Ilga is author of three chapters in Creative Sketching Workshop, published by Apple Press (UK), North Light Books (North America) and Tan Yang International (Asia).

    Take a look ar Ilga's website


    Drawing mediums

    • pencils (non-colour)
    • pens and markers (biros, fineliners, etc)
    • coloured pencils/ markers / crayons
    • eraser
    • pencil sharpener
    • charcoal


    • A4 cartridge paper x 50 sheets (or sketchbook)
    • A3 cartridge paper x 10 sheets (or sketchbook)
    • coloured paper
    • A4 Cutting mat or thick card for cutting with a knife


    • Masking tape
    • Glue stick
    • Paper scissors
    • Craft knife
    • Magazines / newspapers to cut up (or print outs from the internet)


    • Set of brushes
    • Acrylic paint in primary colours Red, Blue, Yellow and White
    • Watercolours
    • Inks (if you have them)
    • Paper or canvas for painting
    • Rags / tissues / pots for water etc.


    • Small amount of clay / plasticine / modelling clay 
    • Paper, card, string, wire, recycling bin contents etc…


    • Old clothing/apron for painting
    • Appropriate area for drawing/painting
    • Supervision whilst using craft knife / internet searching

    Available dates

    If no dates are showing then please Enquire about this course and we will contact you when new dates are published.