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Pre-Foundation Portfolio Preparation for 16-18 Year Olds | Camberwell

Pre-Foundation Portfolio Preparation for 16-18 Year Olds | Camberwell

Camberwell College of Arts
Taught by
Ilga Leimanis


Pre-Foundation Portfolio Preparation for 16 - 18 year olds will help you prepare a portfolio for full-time study; as well as receiving invaluable tips on applying for full and part-time foundation courses.

Your starting point will be objective drawing. You'll then explore expressive possibilities across a range of media, including charcoal, paint, collage, graphic tools and 3D. You'll aim to create a body of work for your portfolio and every day will cover new activities that explore different approaches to drawing.

You will receive guidance on interview preparation coupled with your hands-on experience working in an environment similar to that of a Foundation course.

Topics covered

  • Preparing surfaces, Textural and Line drawing
  • Self-portrait / study in sketch book of architecture
  • Visit to Wallace Collection
  • Drawing in Sketchbooks from Museum and local area
  • Collecting visual source material 
  • Transposing, transforming, drawing
  • Mood boards and mixed media work
  • 3D spatial interpretation project
  • 3D/sculptural work based on urban drawing
Course outcomes
You'll have an understanding of the foundation course environment and appreciate the approaches and methodology needed for this type of study. You'll add to your portfolio with a body of work that reflects your experience of answering project briefs.

Who should attend

Any 16 – 18 year old student wanting to build up experience, portfolio work or their range of techniques. You may well be thinking of applying for further Art and Design study.


Courses are typically taught by one or more of the tutors listed below.

Student reviews

'The tutor was absolutely inspiring, by far the outstanding factor that made the course so enjoyable. The tutor is why I think my work progressed so much as they gave me huge confidence in my capabilities which is evident through the work I did that week. I enjoyed the inspiring tutoring, the location and the opportunity given to work out of the classroom. There were gallery visits during the week. Confidence in my artistic capabilities has really grown. I am more free and loose with my art, which effectively turns out bolder and more dramatic pieces. I will also not hesitate to go on a similar course offered as I now know how beneficial a short course can be. Definitely push yourself to do it, even if you feel you may be out of your depth or are not brave enough, because the friendly atmosphere and level of tutoring given is well worth it!' - Anon

Tutor Description

Ilga Leimanis MA is a London-based artist and writer. She is a member of Five Years, an artist-run gallery, and her own practice is collaborative and interdisciplinary. Her teaching experience of 10 years is varied and extensive. She helps prepare students for degree courses and many of her previous students have gained places at their preferred schools. She also works with professionals looking to develop their communication and creativity skills, as well as people taking courses for personal interest.

Ilga delivers workshops for the University of the Arts (UAL) Academic Support department, working across six UAL art and design colleges. She teaches manual drawing skills for architects and engineers working at leading offices in London, including at Foster+Partners, and she also works internationally.

Ilga is author of three chapters in Creative Sketching Workshop, published by Apple Press (UK), North Light Books (North America) and Tan Yang International (Asia).

See Ilga's websites and


Please bring the following materials with you on the first day:

  • A3 Sketch book
  • Fine black felt tip
  • Coloured pencils
  • Primary coloured acrylics
  • Selection of paint brushes (synthetic, not hog hair)
  • Erasers soft and hard
  • Household painting brush, 2cm minimum size
  • Apron/old shirt
  • Large charcoal sticks (not compressed)
  • If you have one, a camera. Please note that this is not an essential item.
  • A scalpel / craft knife
  • Black and white acrylic paints
  • Washing up sponge

There is a canteen onsite, alternatively you may wish to bring a packed lunch with you.

Most materials needed for the short courses are available at the Camberwell College of Arts' Art Shop. Please contact the Art Shopdirectly for opening hours and availability.

Available dates