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Drawing People in Cafes, Pubs and other Popular Places (Weekend)

Drawing People in Cafes, Pubs and other Popular Places (Weekend)

Central Saint Martins
Taught by
Bill Wright


Improve your ability to authentically portray people and their surroundings through a weekend focused on drawing in cafes, pubs and other popular gathering places. We’ll find them in neighbourhoods like Soho, Camden Town, Covent Garden and along the Thames. Capture with pen, pencil and brush the buzz of human activity where people eat, drink and interact. Your urban sketching will be augmented by discussions of drawing technique, point of view, body language, overlapping/moving subjects, composition etc. You’ll get input about your work both individually and in group reviews. Tricks of perspective and 'guerrilla drawing' that simplify capturing scenes in public are also shown. And you’ll have a chance to develop your drawings in other media - like ink washes and water-colour, using easy-to-bring-along tools provided by the course. Beginners and accomplished artists alike should benefit from immersion in the dynamic atmosphere of London's cafe and pub society - from charming to chic - where subjects and settings are ideal for artistic interpretation. Allow a budget for soft drinks and cups of tea! More about this course is available at

Who is the course aimed at?

If you have a zest for observing people and would like to hone your skills in depicting them and their surroundings, this course is for you. Any artistic level is fine, and those interested in broader fields of endeavour, such as painting and illustration.

What are the key topics the course will cover?

  • Being at ease when drawing in public
  • Capturing body language, gesture and expression
  • Combining foreground, background; people and settings
  • Scope of a drawing, framing, what to include, composition and cropping
  • Using new and different drawing mat

What will the students learn/ achieve?

  • Confidence in your ability to draw in public
  • Drawings you’ve done that will help build a sketchbook or portfolio
  • A knowledge of interesting places to draw in in London
  • A better grasp of depth and perspective

Please note: This course is for students aged 18 and older

Tutor Description

Hi, Bill Wright here. My professional background is varied, from architectural illustration to storyboards for films and TV. As for my teaching, I’m a strong believer in showing practical steps to use in creating images, and I’m thrilled when I see students apply these methods with stunning results. Yes, creativity and soul are important in artwork, but ‘how to’s,’ tricks of the trade, pragmatic methods, the use of tools and technology, these - along with encouragement and attention to each individual’s progress - make a huge difference between where a student stands at the beginning of a short course and then emerges at its end.

I’ve taught in the Central Saint Martins BA Illustration program for 10 years and on many CSM short courses. I’ve done literally thousands of drawings and illustrations for both enjoyment and pay, and love passing along to others ways and means to improve their image making. I’m passionate about drawing and illustration, and I hope some of that rubs off too.

Available dates

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