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Womenswear Design (Online Short Course)

Womenswear Design (Online Short Course)

London College of Fashion
Taught by
Tina Sutradhar


This course is an introduction to womenswear design for those who have a keen interest in this field. With a key focus on research techniques, the course aims to take you through the process of  designing and developing a womenswear collection helping you identify your unique style and aesthetic. You will discover the essential skills of exploring themes and concepts, making mood boards, developing sketchbooks, colour and fabric boards and understanding your customers. Further, you will learn how to use research techniques to develop womenswear silhouettes, choose fabrics and colours, develop sketches, details and textures. You will also study the work of some key womenswear designers who have and are shaping womenswear design with weekly assignments that will help you to develop your own fashion portfolio and will give you the necessary tools to continue researching and developing collections. 
Week 1:

  • Introduction to Fashion Design
  • Key terms in Fashion design 
  • Studying Womenswear details
  • Introduction to Fashion Drawing

Week 2:

  • Introduction to research in design 
  • Starting a Fashion Collection
  • Research Techniques Assignment

Week 3:

  • Assignment feedback session
  • Discussing concept for final project

Week 4:

  • Brief introduction to the business of fashion - Part 1
  • Studying key womenswear designers and their collections
  • Assignment feedback 

Week 5:

  • Brief introduction to the business of fashion - Part 2
  • Assignment feedback

Week 6:

  • Final Assignment Presentation


Intermediate. You should have an interest in the subject area and some experience or have taken a beginners course in fashion design.

Why choose an LCF online learning short course?

Our online learning short courses allow you to experience London College of Fashion wherever you are in the world. The real-time chat sessions are fully interactive allowing you to communicate easily with the tutor at the same time as fellow students. You will participate in the live classes each week and you will undertake weekly assignments to be completed in your own time.

Online learning:

Please make sure you are available to participate in the live online chat sessions which are run to UK time.

All online learning courses include weekly chat sessions with your tutor and other students on the course, which are conducted through an interactive seminar (called Blackboard Collaborate). The chat sessions will include text and voice/video chat, as well as an opportunity to 'share' your tutor's desktop so that s/he can navigate you through websites, PowerPoint presentations and other work. These sessions are essential to attend each week, so please check the times of the course when you book and take into account any local time differences.

You may also be required to undertake weekly assignments between sessions. These will be housed on our Workflow website, along with additional resources and discussion forums which can be used to interact with fellow students in between classes. You may be expected to dedicate between one - two hours a week to these self-study projects. A full technical specification is listed in 'Materials'.


Please book as early as possible. This will allow us enough time to provide you with login for the online short course learning software. When making your booking do not tick the 'If you DO NOT hold a UK/EU/EEA passport click here' box as this is only relevant for classroom courses. If we send you an email telling you to present your passport to us, please ignore this email, as it does not apply to you. If no dates are available for this course please 'Make an enquiry' using the link below and we will contact you when new dates are published.

Tutor Description

Nikita and Tina Sutradhar founded luxury clothing brand MIUNIKU. Growing up in the city of Mumbai, the designers were a part of rapid globalization, and many of its factors greatly influenced the way they lived and perceived things. Thus it could be said that they have always had an international outlook, which became even more polished from the time they have been in London. In 2009, Tina completed her Bachelors degree in business studies in Mumbai and later that year, went on to do a short course in Fashion marketing at London College of Fashion. In the summer of 2010, Nikita completed a diploma in Fashion design from Raffles International in Mumbai. Later in 2010, both of them went to study a Degree in Pattern Cutting, progressing onto a BA (Hons) Womenswear, at London College of Fashion. They graduated in June 2013. They are currently based in London and Mumbai. The brand name comes from the nick names given to the designers by their parents. Tina - Miu and Nikita - Niku. The overall brand aesthetic is a balance between clean lines and graphic details, mixing minimal and maximal elements. In May 2014, they were awarded the Special Jury Prize at the LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers 2014. Tina and Nikita also received the Fashion Innovation Award at London college of fashion (July 2013) and the ISKO™ Denim Diffusion Award (July 2013). They were Semi- Finalists of the H&M Design Awards 2014. 


In order to fully participate in the practical exercises please have the following materials/equipment for the first class:

  • Notepad and pen

In addition to the materials listed above, you will need:

  • A recent computer with a recent operating system    
  • An up-to-date web browser. (It would be advisable to ensure you have access to two separate web browsers eg Safari and Mozilla Firefox or
  • Google Chrome and Internet Explorer)    
  • Microphone (a headset with microphone/headphones is recommended)    
  • Headphones    
  • Webcam

Finally, a good broadband connection is also recommended. (Mobile data 3G/4G or a mobile dongle might not provide sufficient bandwidth).

Further information on the online learning system requirements.

Available dates