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Handmade Fashion Workshop

Handmade Fashion Workshop

Central Saint Martins
Taught by
Eleanor Warrington, Lynne Hammond


Handmade approaches to fashion are vital to societies, culture and the economy and with the increase in consumer demand for handmade products it is becoming crucial that they address both environmental and ethical concerns for products that are both unique and desirable.

The course aims to develop handmade approaches that can be used to inspire ideas for fashion items, from researching to creative processes. This course takes the cape as an inspirational starting point to achieve a range of ideas in sketch and swatch formats. Historically the cape has been worn for function, to infer rank, wealth and status as well as for fun.

The course takes inspiration from the trends towards craft, artisan and handmade object/pieces. The revival of craft processes and skills was highlighted by Christopher Bailey during the Burberry Launch at Makers House in 2017.  

Topics covered:

Handmade trends and inspiration such as colours, lifestyle, fashion, silhouettes/styling Thinking by doing Exploring experimental techniques for 3D developments. Exploring 2D images and ideas from history and film research:

  • How to create a journal of ideas
  • Images and drawings that communicate the inspiration and 3D swatch ideas
  • How to put together a photographic images to communicate design development concepts
  • Images and photos which could be used to build a portfolio.


  • An inspirational journal used to explore 2D and 3D ideas.
  • A themed page that communicates the mood and feeling of the design developments.
  • Photographs that can be used for portfolio and design developments.
  • 3D swatch ideas for future realisation.

Who should take this course:

Individuals who are interested in working in a practical way to create handmade fashion ideas.



Entry requirements:


Please note: This course is for students aged 18 and older

Tutor Description

Eleanor Warrington has extensive fashion experience at various market levels and product categories. Currently a consultant for Italian manufacturers, travelling regularly to all of the fabric/yarn shows. She is proactive in the field of trends and forecasting for colour, styling, yarn, fabric and silhouette directions. As an associate lecturer she teaches part time at the University of Arts, London/London College of Fashion on various courses such as BA (Hons) Fashion Business Part Time.

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