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Writing for Blogs

Writing for Blogs

London College of Communication
Taught by
A respected industry expert


Learn how to write a blog that is not only popular but profitable too. Blogs have become a sophisticated communications tool and the quality of your writing has never been more important. This course, designed for beginners will have you writing in half an hour.By using a range of effective writing techniques for captivating content and titles we will teach your how to create a platform that your readers love to engage with and share.

Starting with a single blog post, you will learn different successful techniques and gain a thorough understanding of the mechanics behind blogging that make your content shareable and attractive to advertisers. It has an easy to follow structure and is based in practical and proven techniques.

Topics Covered

  • Intro and case-studies
  • Copywriting
  • Case-studies
  • Titles and layout
  • Writing styles
  • Planning your work
  • Click -through rates
  • Attracting advertisers

Course Outcomes
By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Plan and write an effective blog
  • Produce quality, targeted content
  • Write titles that produce high click-through rates
  • Create a regular routine for writing
  • Turn your work into a commercial platform

Who Should Attend
Anyone who is interested in blogging and wants to promote their passion or hobby by blogging about it, or anyone interested in using an online means of communication with comprehensive writings and informative details using a blog.

Beginner:You do not need any previous writing experience.

Follow Up Courses
After you have completed this course you may be interested in learning how to share your blogs on Social Media Marketing, or use Mobile Filmmaking to create high quality new content quickly.

Customised Training
We also offer bespoke writing for blogs courses for groups, individuals and businesses. To find out more, visit our Customised Training page.

Tutor Description

This course will be taught by a respected industry expert.

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