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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

London College of Communication
Taught by
Hana Jay Klokner


This beginners course will teach you how to create a social media strategy to build your business and online marketing campaign. You will learn the tools you need to build a network and run social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms.It will give you an overview of social media's role in driving customer engagement, and its role in optimising Google search rankings (SEO). By taking part in practical exercises you will learn how to establish a clear voice across social media networks and how to get the most from these, with appropriate and engaging content.

PLEASE NOTEEach course is taught by a single tutor in its entirety. If you are keen to be taught by a particular tutor please contact the Short Courses team.

Topics Covered

  • An overview of popular social media platforms and best practice
  • How to build a sustainable follower base on social media platforms
  • Creating a consistent voice across platforms
  • Best practice in social media marketing strategies
  • Capturing and analysing metrics to segment and target your market
  • Measuring a campaign’s return on investment (ROI)
  • Overview of online privacy laws and bestpracticefor privacy including data breaches
  • Optimising Google search rankings

Course Outcomes
By the end of the course you should be able to:

  • Establish a sustainable presence on the social media platforms relevant to your business
  • Execute a social media campaign and measure its impact using metrics
  • Understand online privacy laws and best practice for social media marketing

Who Should Attend
Anyone responsible for social media marketing who would like to learn how to develop and execute a social media marketing plan. If you already run campaigns using social media, and are not a beginner or looking for a refresher course, you should consider the course Social Media and Analytics: Advanced.

Beginner: You should have a basic understanding of Twitter and Facebook. The course is suitable for those wanting to understand how to use social media for their business needs, beginners or those who need to refresh their knowledge and engagement strategies.

Follow Up Courses
After you have completed this course you may be interested in learning more about Search Engine Optimisation, Google Analytics or Graphic Design for Social Media.

Alternative Study Options

"Stimulating, thought provoking and very relatable."

"The tutor was fantastic and I was really pleased with the course. The pace of the class was spot on and full of useful information."

"I thought the course was really informative and inspiring and covered most of the things I wanted to learn. The tutors were really well versed in their field and I enjoyed hearing about their successes outside of the teaching domain... For a two day short course the level of information was spot on! I would definitely return for another short course."
"The course was extremely interesting and all information taught was extremely relevant. Rosalind was a fantastic teacher!"

Tutor Description

Hana is a writer, blogging specialist and social media enthusiast. A former editor and founder of online magazines, Hana has nine years of experience with blogging, marketing and managing online platforms.

She started blogging in 2007 about Apple for the leading Apple weblog in Slovakia, and later for other online magazines about social media and marketing. In 2012 she founded a fashion blogazine which she led as the editor-in-chief for four years before she sold the website in 2012. In 2014 she sold another blog,, an aggregator about The Sims franchise. Both sites she founded, are still running and bring regular revenue to their new owners.

As well as her own projects, Hana has built up social media presence for global companies, including , startups and private clients. In the past year she's started teaching her own blogging course, organizes meet ups for blogger, and writes on her blog She's published short stories for kindle and is currently writing a children's book.

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