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Build Your Personal Brand

Build your Personal Brand

Chelsea College of Arts
Taught by
Ann Booth-Clibborn


Join this unique, enjoyable and practical course to develop your strategy for communicating your work, your values and your unique selling point in a way that will engage and inspire clients, colleagues and other audiences. Learn how to build your personal brand and communicate it in a compelling way to the audiences that matter to you.

Creating passionate, skilled and ground-breaking work is not always enough to survive and flourish in a competitive commercial market; having a strong personal brand, a clear creative identity and the skills to communicate them both, can be a make or break.

So what is your brand and how can you communicate it? By unlocking your natural storytelling skills this course equips you with a new set of tools to see what is interesting to an audience in what you do, help you focus on a few key memorable elements that they will remember and develop a strategy for communicating whatever your platform.

Whether you are designing content for a website or social media page, or seeking to build on your presentation skills and networking skills, this course will provide you with a set of tools that can be applied and tailored to your individual needs.
Topics covered

  • Build and refine your brand – tools to get a fresh perspective on your story and coaching to find your authentic ‘voice’
  • Drop the detail – learn to craft a fat-free, flowing communication
  • Presentation skills – we will film a short recording of you at the beginning and end of the day to enable you to experiment with your new skills
Course Outcomes
An understanding of what you need to focus on to capture the attention of the audience, and inspire them. A first draft of your personal brand, and progress on your chosen project pertinent to your own professional goals and needs. The opportunity to hear invaluable feedback from your tutor and peers when you view each other’s recordings at the end of the day. A copy of both of your digital recordings to take with you.
Who Should Attend
Suitable for entrepreneurs, start –ups and established creatives, looking to enhance their engagement skills, clarity of communication and confidence, when interacting with prospective clients, buyers, patrons, and/or corporate or public bodies.

Tutor Description

Ann Booth-Clibborn is a BAFTA nominated TV producer turned story coach, who has who worked with a huge range of businesses and charities such as Dune Shoes, Draper London, London Overground Rail and Exeter University. She also coaches individuals from many sectors to help them develop their professional story and find their authentic voice. Ann’s training career started at the BBC Academy, her training is inspired by the BBC story training for TV producers and focuses on the seven elements found in every story ever told. Ann developed and launched the groundbreaking Changing Rooms for BBC1, the notorious You Are What You Eat and Selling Houses for Channel 4, all of which ran for several series and were sold around the world. She is currently an edit doctor for Discovery Channel and also helps with sales and communications for limited edition print company Manifold Editions.


Please bring the following materials with you on the first day:

  • A note pad and pen

  • An idea in your mind of a client/audience you would like to work on a short presentation for. Nothing written down please

Available dates