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Coding for Non-Coders

Coding for Non-Coders

London College of Communication
Taught by
A respected industry expert


Coding for Non-coders training course will introduce you to the creative possibilities of code. You’ll leave with the ability to create simple products yourself and work confidently with developers on more complex projects.

An understanding of code is an essential skill these days, but HTML can see intimidating and confusing. This course is straightforward and practical. You’ll begin by learning the logic behind programming languages, with a focus on HTML and CSS. You’ll have the chance to apply theory to practice as you create digital banners and email formats.

We will cover key topics that will explore the creative potential and limitations of HTML. By the end of the course you will have a broader and deeper view of the day-to-day digital tools and be able to participate in the whole spectrum of modern product campaigns. 

Combing lecture based learning, workshops and group activity you will gain a deeper understanding of coding. You’ll be open to a range of innovative design solutions for your business and open your skillset to a new realm of creative freedom.

Topics Covered

  • Fundamentals of programming language: HTML and CSS 
  • Coding simple animated banners 
  • Know the code of your emails and websites 
  • Selecting the most appropriate digital solutions 
  • Stages of web development 
  • Briefing a developer on deliverables 

Course Outcomes
By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Learn the vocabulary of coding with confidence
  • Understand the web development process and concepts including APIs, CMSs, and responsive content
  • Design HTML emails and banners for personal projects to professional sites 
  • Develop simple landing pages using bootstrap 
  • Select and communicate effectively with web developers and other suppliers
  • Feed in the creative process of the design lifecycle for commercial and non-commercial websites 

Beginner. This course has been specially designed for people who have not used HTML before. 

Who Should Attend 
This course is perfect for project managers, marketeers, journalists and other professionals who work daily with digital tools and digital suppliers. It is also ideal for entrepreneurs, charities and small businesses that create content in-house.

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Tutor Description

This course will be taught by a respected industry expert.

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