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Spatial Augmented Reality: Projection Mapping with MadMapper

Spatial Augmented Reality: Projection Mapping with MadMapper

London College of Communication
Taught by
Adam Corrie


Spatial augmented reality is used by artists and designers to bring static objects and environments to life. Projecting moving images onto walls and objects, it is a non-invasive creative process that works to create compelling visual experiences for brand product promotion, live events, and narrative environments.

MadMapper is a powerful and widely-used development tool for creating and running projection-mapped installations. You will learn how to use digital projection and software to make captivating, immersive and responsive pieces. 

Topics Covered 

  • Projection mapping in the creative arts
  • Optical projection theory
  • Selecting the right hardware for your project
  • A/V equipment safety, precautions and trouble-shooting 
  • Getting started with MadMapper 
  • Preparing assets and content for irregular surface projection 
  • Building a multiple projector installation 
  • Adding interaction for responsive environments

Course Outcomes

By the end of the course you should be able to: 

  • Understand how to design and build a projection-mapped installation 
  • Confidently configure and deploy A/V hardware 
  • Use software to prepare and deploy visual media in a mapped environment 

Who Should Attend 

This course will appeal to interactive artists as well as people working in advertising, branding, marketing, events and pop-up events. 


Intermediate. You don't need any experience using MadMapper but you should be confident using software.

Follow On Courses 

Once you have completed this course you may be interested in taking Designing Narratives for Event Experiences or Expanded Cinema: Interactive Installations


Tutor Description

Adam Corrie is an experienced systems integration engineer who has produced interactive, immersive exhibits and installations since 2005. An accomplished technical communicator, he has delivered seminars to students, educators and researchers at schools, universities and research institutes all over the world. He teaches creative code and physical computing at University of the Arts London. Adam is co-founder of LCC’s Creative Technology Lab.

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