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Activity sheets for kids and teenagers

Looking for something to keep the kids occupied while their in the house?

Future Creatives releases exciting activity sheets full of fun arts and crafts ideas and facts, to help you get creative at home.

These activity sheets are suitable for all young creatives aged 7-15 and cover a wide range of artistic practices, from graphic design and collage to still life and creating portraits from fruit and veg! All activities use basic art supplies and things from around the house, they are designed to be flexible with whatever you have available.

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Collage and Weave

Try out this amazingly quick and easy activity from one of our previous online classes.

Learn how to weave two different images together to create an incredible collage! This activity only requires basic materials you can find around the house and produces some great results.

Suitable for ages 7-11

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Try out our free activity sheet for kids and teenagers

Surreal Photo Collage

Inspired by the work of artist Hannah Hoch, this activity sheet shows you how to use a combination of magazine images and a letters to make a surreal portrait. Suitable for all ages.

Try out our free activity sheet for kids and teenagers

A Still Life

Inspired by Patrick Caulfield learn about the British Pop Art movement of the 1960's and learn how to create a more modern looking still life painting. Suitable for 11-17 year olds.

Try out our free activity sheet for kids and teenagers

Food Face!

Create your very own face from fruit and veg around the house! Inspired by the work of 16th Century Italian painter, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, create your own tasty piece of art! Suitable for 7-11 year olds.

Try out our free activity sheet for kids and teenagers

Creating a Poster to Lift You Higher

Learn about large-scale billboards, posters and installations by artist Lakena Maciver. Create your own poster that sends a message! What do you want to say to the world? Suitable for ages 11-17.

Future Creatives activity sheet on negative space

Discover Negative Space in Art

What image can you see in this optical illusion? Learn how to make your own image using this negative space to create your very own abstract picture! Suitable for ages 7-11.

Future Creatives self portrait activity sheet

Draw or Paint a Self-Portrait

Learn how artists have represented themselves in self-portraits throughout history and how to create your very own self-portrait displaying what is important to you! Suitable for ages 11-17.

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